NOOO, well fed and housed slaves helped to build the white house, so it wan't so bad...keep reading

Coming from a race of people known to support slavery, they suggest, in defense of their own agenda, that a well fed and well housed slave is not as bad as those who may have been a bit more negligent.

We pay stupid motherfuckers a lot of money to get on national tv and make such ridiculous accusations and they get a way with it. but I am here to show you they can dish it out but they cannot take it.

The comment came from M. Obama eluding to living in the same house slaves built. O'Reilly, Obama are they related?

Let's just say, I took one of  them wealthy ass people who claim all the evil ass shit they did and are still doing is okay because their victims are so called "being taken good care of"??? He is suggesting because they were well fed and housed at the white house, they did not have it that bad? Well, if that was good, I hate to see bad. I am going to call these people "white supremacists" because no man in his or her right mind would agree to such shit and it is a great insult to all humanity.

Now, he can get away with saying that, but if I say something about the shitty ass police work then, I'm supporting criminal, insurrection and whatever bullshit they can come up with.

Take anyone of these overpaid commentators and make them my slave, my property, with which to do what I want and to be there for me 24/7, in exchange for food and housing. and one of the reasons I'm making this point is because these motherfuckers really believe and think slavery or some form of slavery thereof is not a bad thing, under certain conditions; but put their asses in it.

How, when would you ever sleep, rest, relax, like the master you serve? How come the master knows everything and you don't? How come he can punish you and you cannot do shit to him? How come he can own you but illegal for you to own him? Why am I property and him a human being? How could you have a life, a family, take care of your own business, be a human being develop your own personality having to appease to such a "dick head". When you work for a dick head for so long you become a dick head and that is where America is today.

Why cannot we be equals wanting to serve the purpose of the whole? Why is my life limited to what he allows and do you think this is appropriate behavior because you have read of so many incidents of slavery in the history of the world??? Those are the kind of "dick heads" to whom we are hobbled and forced-fed their unadulterated bullshit.

They think it is okay/not bad for one man to own another, as long as he feeds and house him..... as long as they are on the owning side. They consider themselves superior thinkers when one man uses brute force to subdue another. What the hell does that have to do with thinking and especially in a superior manner? This kind of people see it as a privilege for Black Americans to be allowed "just to exist in America". They see things like lying, cheating, rape, robbing, killing as plausible solutions to their problems but against the law when it comes to them. 

Double standards are a way of life for them, their women and children. It is all about them, what they say goes... and for you, nothing without first serving them.

(((your inner

"Propaganda and Hate now Dominates "

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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