Propaganda and Hate now Dominates

The American people are hobbled.

Propaganda and hate now dominates America but from who? Is it Art and your inner voice? I am hard pressed to believe this kind of nonsense comes from anyone making less than $25,000 a year. From such people you never hear and when you do, it is usually the truth. The problem is, Americans have been programed to turn a deaf ear, only hearing what the most wealthy announces. This would not be such a problem if they had the best interest of the whole at heart, but these motherfuckers are only concerned about one thing and that is themselves.

It is a sad day in hell, when you turn on you local or national news and there is nothing which applies to you, there is nothing you have any say so about. You can only hear what they want you to hear. It is too late by the time you hear it on tv, you cannot talk back, give your input, you can only do your very best to deal with whatever is being dealt to you. If you have no money, who's going to listen?

Again, sad but it is what our country has come to. Shit gets pushed down our throats and we are supposed to be happy about it. That is why I strongly encourage people to do what I do, write.

These tv show news people are so sensored they cannot tell the truth. There is no way in hell a few tv shows can adequately capture important things going on across our country. They only focus in on what brings profits to Big Business and what kind of journalism is that? Then they use a bunch of celebrities and politicians to help sell their points, how clever.

Most Americans are afraid to share their input about whatever their concerns are. They fear they will be embarrassed because they do not meet the qualifications established Big Business. They fear retaliation through their jobs, their benefits all of which is being used to control you. They do not give a shit about helping you.  We fail to realize these qualifications are meant to deny the very people on which Big Business depend to buy their products and services. They want you to believe they are right and you are ignorant. You need them but they do not need you.

We used to fear communist takeover but today it is here. Even our President cannot help us now, because we are too hobbled to help ourselves. We are hobbled to all aspects of mass media, phones, tvs, radio, podcast, computers, cameras... The same technology we funded to help us is now being used against us and it has been proven we deserve it.

What is going on with Americans that we need so many police? Is not this an indicator that most of us are being perceived as a threat to a few of us?  Why are not relations getting better instead of just the opposite? What is being published is designed to pit one American against the next American. Who wants to hear what the fuck I think? I am joke compared to those put into paid positions, even though this is not true. Americans are amused by lies and Big Businesses profits from these lies. And when the hoax is revealed we act shocked. WTFU! The Gospel

They called what I am doing ranting and they call what they are doing the gospel. The only way the truth can or will ever be told or known is when you talk back.

(((your inner

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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