Advocating for Single People

 If you’re in danger call 911. Are single people in danger?

When are "you all" going to get MARRIED?

All the good people are married, all the good guys taken, then what remains??? The vast majority of influential people in America are married, is this by default or design?

Are single people a threat to couples? Are they any less responsible, held accountable than couples? Why must single people pay a higher cost to live? What do you think about intimate partners?

I’m an advocate for single people, not because of any dislike for couples, but due to the inhumane ways in which we treat single people and being victims of psychological abuse. Our society is couple oriented instead of people oriented, which causes more stress and suffering to single people.

Even though we would like to think of individuals as couples and cater to the idea that more couples spend more money, the real truth is, we were born single and we’re going to die single. That means sooner or later a partner is going to be single, but who cares as long as couple ban together for profit. We live in a society that would rather focus on spending “more money” to leave behind for a surviving partner than it does caring for single people.

From day 1 the pressure is on to get married and when divorced it’s like you failed society in some way. If you have multiple partners again our society frowns on you, because you’re not living like them- " racism and xenophobia ".

Religions encourage legal marriage for families, like you will be less than a family if not married. And what does this say about being single? Even though every 9 seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten we still push marriage. If you happen to find yourself in a family way, but not married, religious folk psychologically abuse you and you fall into a category referred to as a single parent. No child can be conceived by a single parent, so why do we support single parents instead of causing them to work together as parents to raise their children? Why do we make all these crazy ass differences between human beings?

Many people get married because they feel they are expected to and not because they are in love. That leads to a whole bunch of pretending to be married people. These couples are literally pretending to be what they think others want to see, masking what’s really going on. If they weren’t then domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking would not be so prominent.

There are many legitimate and real reasons to be single, none of which should be degrading or   cause you to be categorized different from any other productive citizen.

Are single people a threat to couples? Especially, from women, are single women a threat to married women? Why do married people frown on their spouses for fraternizing with single people?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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