Do We Need Money to Exist?

Sounds like a simple question with an unequivocal answer...

Can we exist without 'devil shit'?

Today, people who are very misinformed and misguided will unequivocally tell you, "We need money to continue existing." They will tell you we need money to live, pay bills, travel, have nice things... and for this money you need one of their jobs.

But what they won't tell you is, "This is not the way it is supposed to be and it wasn't this way always". What does serving and thinking of others have to do with money?

We need certain resources to live and they all have been provided, free of charge until some bright human being decided to put a cost to them and other brighter human beings decided to accept these costs.

Why put a price on vital resources that were FREE and create a world that works only for those with money? This is a gross and large-scale violation of human rights and a violation of universal law, but who gives a fuck as long as they're creating jobs and making profit.

By putting a price on critical life giving resources, already available for free, our ethics and moral commitment has gone to hell. Now, we control people and people worship money - idolatry. By default this means of control denies vital life giving resources to those who, rightfully so, refuse to pay, for whatever reasons.

There are certain things no human being should ever be denied in any society - food, clothing, shelter, rights of passage/transportation and health care. All these are required to live, every human being is entitled and no human being should be denied. But in our infinite wisdom this is no longer so and they all come with a dear price.

What kind of human being would deny another human being the right to life, based on their ability to pay? Some will even tell you, "God needs your money". How could the unthinkable ever happen? Now, we believe we cannot exist without MONEY.

No, we do not need money to live but our leaders and a society ruled by fear, greed and money and plague by the Seven Deadly Sins , including church folk, have made it very difficult to nearly impossible to live without money. 

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!