Affordable Health Care Unaffordable

Obamacare Affordable Health Care ... Unaffordable for Americans?

Obamacare or The Affordable Health Care program has been made to be UnAFFORDABLE.

I thought it was just me, but many more struggling Americans are weighing in, as they attempt to apply for health care, IAW the Affordable Health Care Act.

I'm not sure why or who's at fault, but I'm sure many American citizens will "bite the bullet" in their efforts to meet the March 31 deadline. To all those excited, eagerly seeking and sifting through all the possible programs, don't be surprised if affordable healthcare is still unaffordable. Understand it is not your fault, what you're seeking is still not there.

"Uninsured Americans" are uninsured because they are already struggling and can't afford health care, which is why the President came up with Obamacare. However, opposition forces, in efforts to defy the health care act, have done nothing to make this program successful. Talking about Americans working together for a common cause, ensuring all Americans are insured, is going to result in catastrophe, if immediate action is not taken.

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