Allegiance to America

Whose the real traitor here, the imposer in America?

Is it Native Americans, Immigrants or Slaves? Who wouldn’t be loyal to their place of birth? Today, there’s are plenty of controversy of whose the absolute most loyal American and much of it is due to the most recent prison exchange Continue reading "prison exchange ".  But the question I’m addressing here is who has really pledged the most allegiance to America and really what’s going on with that allegiance?

The first question coming to mind is Why are there so many different nationalities in America and why are Americans so eager to change traditions in order to appease to newcomers, when we haven’t reconciled differences with the people already here?

The drilling process and how many times my ass have been admonished for disrespecting the flag, wearing the uniform, walking on the grass, picking up cigarette butts and trash, speaking and writing proper English, church, school, community programs, Armed Forces… when I’ve since learned the people supervising these programs never had a clue about all the harm they were doing. When a teacher, preacher, politician... abuses a child or any other human being, does that mean he's not loyal? Then, how do you describe what happen when the so called Pilgrims arrived?

Will the South ever rise again, should it?  Should people schools based upon the color of their skin? Should any American be treated less?

Many accuse me of being against the ideas of America, but that’s not true. What’s the difference between being against and telling the truth? If an American father is raping his daughter should it be kept secret all because he’s an American? If any country is in a position to help the rest of the world, it would be American, but are we helping or hurting? Well, if we’re lying about and denying our own behavior we’re hurting. If we can figure out how to hold criminals responsible, but refuse to hold anyone responsible for atrocities committed against Native and African Americans,,,,just to name a few, is this democracy? If the blue refuse to get along, on important issues like health care, with the red is that United? If more women take to more women and more men to more men, then what is our future? Are we only concerned about the here and now and to hell with our differences?  Why didn’t we respect MLK while he lived? Why did trying to bring together his fellow Americans cost him his life?

If your allegiance to self is nonexistence, how can you be loyal to country? If you weren’t treating yourselves with respect, if our women accepted second class treatment, what the hell are we teaching? Exactly, how are you going to save the children from your own stupid ass?

Think about that, we have women who just went through women rights but they still support the mistreatment of other human beings. IN all of this, where is the loyalty? Who can you trust? On who can you depend, then how in the hell is this allegiance? If immigrants were so loyal to their country, would they immigrate to America? Then, what do immigrants really want from America that Native Americans can’t give them? They gave you the whole damn country and what did you do with it? Now, we have more stress and depression than ever before yet hate to admit.

How does one man tell you America is all wrong, was All wrong and is never going to be anything like right until we change? Does this mean he’s not loyal to his country or does this mean he’s more loyal to his country than the status quo?

Were Buffalo soldiers loyal to their country and people or were they disgracing themselves to gain favor from their mortal enemy? Do you gain respect from you enemy by kissing his ass?

Americans are not even loyal enough to people, land and resources to take out their own trash. Americans have made a task so simple as taking out trash so fucking complicated you need a special permit to visit your own local trash dump and all it gets is even more complicated with all that separation bullshit, we call recycling. Americans are so fucking lazy they've created more trash than any other people in this world.

If Americans respected People, Land and Country the way we claim, then we wouldn't have all these fucking problems. Wake up, understand and do the good thing!

(((your inner

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