Your America has given up her husband up for a machine

Americans have given up their husbands, their spouses, their partners, their families, children, parents anything remotely resembling a responsibility all to a machine and here's what's happening.

How does this analogy explain the stupid shit we’re doing? Sorry honey, I am going to have to lay you off. I’m not concerned about where you find other means of suitable employment, but your services are no longer needed here.

After all these years, decades, centuries of “helping you hang in there”, being faithful, all your empty fucking promises, working together and now you tell me I no longer have a job, my services are no longer needed because of the Industrial Revolution. Today, we call it "Technology". All about how much more profitable, profitable to who? How much more “you” can produce, produce for who? All about how much more economically feasible to the GDP and the GNP, but the GDP and GNP for who?

And to add insult to injury, in addition to laying me off, you go find all these other “foreign motherfuckers”,  pls. excuse my French, to do the other work I could have done. You call it "outsourcing", "immigrant workers" and other fancy words used to sugar coat the harsh realities of your "dirty work".

Now, what are you really telling me? Do you really expect me to lay down and accept this extraneous bullshit? Are your really going to “force fuck me” by forcing all this shit down my neck? Talking about compromising your integrity? Look at How “you” have made simple more complicated?

This is what is really happening in America today. This is the other side of the story we refuse to tell and the crazy part about all this madness is “I’m so gullible, I believe it”. We are so gullible, we actually want to believe this shit is going to work out for the best of all concerned. Did the Trans-Atlantic-Slave Trade work out for all concerned? Will we ever learn how to better treat our fellow human beings and families?

Even scarier, this method of American madness has gone viral, like a bad disease.

Do you remember how white women stood by their husbands as they engaged in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade? Well, the results of what we’re doing today, the reality of what we're doing today will be much more devastating, much more horrific, self-destructive than that of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

(((your inner

"Welcome to the World of being Black in America"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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