Welcome to the world of being of the Negro race in America

Is it a fact or is it fiction? Can you, would you believe what's really going on...

Or is it all made up in the minds of Black Americans? Who would you ask? Why would you ask them about what's going with somebody else? Why can't you ask the people directly involved?

The world of seeing something and saying nothing. How is it to be "The Invisible Man", to live that every single day and understanding the feelings of being simply "ignored". I know them very well. Who's motivating you to believe in yourself? Where is "the always be a step ahead"?

They can get away with it and you have to turn around and ask them for a job. Who's motivating you to start your own business? Why don't we patronize...?

Not many people even want to understand this great phenomenon and what is required for us to be recognized for the pure greatness we really are and not even as a fellow human being. Knowing what was written in 1952 still applies today, wouldn't be a bad thing if it were a good thing, but being it was a bad thing it can not be a good thing until we change.

We say we have changed but is it a cosmetic change or the much needed transition? Why are we farther from it today than yesterday? Why is it more fashionable to be fake? So, where are the conscious American people, in particular conscious Black American people?

If you can't change the people you are with then change the people you are with. "and I would have freed thousands more had they known they were slaves" - Harriet Ross Tubman.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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