America, too few with all the wealth

How did the balance of cash become so off-balance?

How could a country with such a violent and abusive history become so wealthy? If this is the case, this suggests and verifies that anyone can be rewarded for being violent and abusive. It promotes the notion of the more violent and abusive you are, the more accepted you will be.

Americans are too quick to deny their violent and abusive past, by conveniently overlooking it and applauding themselves for all the hard work and effort they put forth to make this country what it is today. If it was so undesirable yesterday, why did they choose this location for a violent and abusive takeover?

In other words, a recruiting effort was initiated, with this very evil idea in mind, therefore; this country and it new conquerors never was for balance, peace and harmony, as they have indicated in their historical account. As a matter of fact, they were for just the opposite. So, how can you right a wrong by continuing to deny the wrong? Why are you complaining if nothing was wrong? Why would you takeover something already operating nicely, turn it around and call it the same?

How can you say you "earned this"? What did you actually do to earn it and was it needed, and who do you ask? Was it needed to destroy the indigenous people? Was it needed to partake in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade...?

By today, this plan has run its course and Americans have nowhere else to turn in it resolution of too few with too much.

It is a bad day when one man condemns the works of another man, whips his ass and crowns himself KING.

(((your inner

Gods are man-made

Banks are Evil is it the banks or people running the banks?

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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