Is God Man-made?

What happens when you learn God is a manifestation of your own imagination, therefore are man-made?

When being yourself is no longer good enough?

It ain't a problem until someone else tells you that you are wrong, they are right and strongly encourages you to conform to their moral and ethical standards.

Just depends on how much you need whatever it is from whoever?

All Gods are man-made, now why would you argue this point? Even the books explaining the divine purpose of Gods are man-made? What kind of man would write a book about something so mystical as Gods and call it true? Really, who gives a shit? Is a church-goer more app to enter the gates of heaven than a non church goer? If your ignorant ass can get in why cannot everyone else? What would you do in there without those you place yourself above? Would you all be a happy little community for policing the rest of the world? Would you start a war, armed forces.... would it be just like it is on Earth today?

The question to ask yourself is: Do I know anything? The answer dictates who, what, when, where and why about God. If you know so fucking much, why don't you resolve some of these problems we act like we are resolving?

The burden of proof comes when you ask yourself: Are we creating more problems than we are resolving? Then, Why cannot we just leave shit alone?

Why not just accept this fact and take all the pressure off fellow citizens to be as Christ like as you are? Why not stop condemning fellow human beings for not being like you? Why make a difference between and God fearing man and a man just trying to survive? Why are you a prejudice Christian? Why are you a hypocritical Christian? Why are you even striving to be something so shallow as a man-made God. Why cannot you be yourself and me the same?

(((your inner

 "America too few with all the wealth"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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