American Black Merit Scholars Used to setup Blacks to fail

Do white people really eat black people, how, why??? Are black people happy to be eaten by whites?

Are black people really consumed by whites? Do Blacks know this? We admit to being a consumer society but who what is being consumed? Why is there more hope in being treated humanely but lesser practice? Whose at the top of our food chain?

Who are Black Merit Scholars, what do they do and what makes them different from the rest of us? These are what has been recognized as America's Best and Brightest academic achievers and potential employees. They represent a very small minority but very influential part of the Black American race, how? Based on high academic achievement, they are recruited and trained by Corporate America to fulfill quotas identified for Blacks. The fact these are quotas reveals what is not wanted.

Sometimes, you must pinch yourself to help determine if what you're experiencing is real or fantasy. You know what is being said, but what you're actually experiencing is totally different. You see these Black people in high positions, earning great rewards, yet it is a great mystery how they got there and why they have been separated from their race? More productive for what people and less productive for what people??? Their shackles are invisible to the outside world.

Black merit scholars vs. run of the mill blacks, they speak a different language, possess different mannerisms, are allowed to enter the front door, attend events denied to "run of the mill Blacks", so, our shackles are visible. They are not allowed to fraternize for fear of being perceived as compromising their trust and being fired; so they are compelled to keep the rest of us out, which pits us against each other. This is no different from the era of house niggers and field niggers; and though you've compromised your integrity with self and your own people, due to our system of education this is acceptable behavior.

The greater sin is they are allowed to lead these lavish lifestyles, dangled as a carrot in front of our struggling faces, used as a distraction to divert our attention from our God given mission and made to feel inferior. They are presented as a very inviting superior lure to ensure "run of the mill Blacks" stay the course to be used by racist white supremacists. Further, the problem with this course is it is dedicated to the detriment of "all black people the world over" - low self-esteem.

How can they offer you more than you can offer yourself? Why would a people, historically superior to you, be allowed first pick of our best and brightest?

The most notorious vessel used to carry out this most subtle form of racism is our system of "formal Education", why? Our institutions of mandatory education and higher learning are no more than holding cells for Blacks, while Whites "slip" through the cracks. Out of all the progress we think we've achieved, why aren't we making more progress faster? Our HBCU's, struggling trying to survive, are also participants and victims of this racist scheme and feel they're hands are tied.

With jobs disappearing like hell and being primed to work for hostile forces, nobody wants to admit this disastrous tragic truth.

The Willie Lynch Theory and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade is still very much alive in our best and brightest. They are so well trained and rewarded for being so willing to carry out this evil mission, the rest of us are too eager to oblige, just like domestic cows. What are cows raised for--- FOOD for the wealthy. Beef is in such great demand and so expensive cows are not allowed to roam free. It is all about "the wealthy".

The elections of America's first Black President, on one hand is a major accomplishment for all people, so we are allowed to think, but on the other hand is a "death sentence to all Black people", we deny. Which do you prefer? A Black man can't eat me, no matter his money, but for a few dollars, a White man can. Why do we want to be dead - food for white people?

"Big fish eat little fish" -- The Great White

(((your inner

Abstaining from Temptation

Life Jorney, Who knows

"Imprisoned How can I be Free"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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