Imprisoned How can I be Free

If I am so free, why must I prove myself worthy of being treated like a human being? How can a convict call himself free when imprisoned? How can I operate in prison and call myself free?

Do I really understand what a prison is? What is a prison? A prison is a building (or vessel) in which people are ((("legally"))) held as a punishment for crimes they have committed or while awaiting trial.

No, I have not committed a crime but I am the prisoner of those "legally" committing horrific dehumanizing crimes dehumanizing against me. These horrific crimes, alienation, domination, isolation and violation are acceptable means of punishment to me and have gone unchecked for so many centuries I am a victim of this process. Being a victim of this dehumanizing process, I have become more accommodating to those who I allow to dehumanize me than I am to myself, my people and the world. Consequently, I reject my inner most thoughts in exchange for their validation (financially and spiritually). Meeting their financial and spiritual demands make-up the foundation of my prison walls.

A convict, who wants to survive in prison, has no other choice than to view himself as being a free human being while incarcerated. Hence a whole new social and economic structure must be established.

Institutionalized for so many centuries, I do not realize the doors are no longer locked. They don't feel guilty nor responsible because they're very confident in the fact that though they've unlocked the doors, their inhumane process still imprison's me. Even I act as a prison guard, helping to keep my people imprisoned.  And the fact I do not acknowledge and nobody else see their hard to believe invisible shackles tells me and the world, the reason why I am imprisoned, not treated as equal is due to my own neglect.

(((your inner

"Why do Blacks in Positions of Power Turn oN their Own"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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