American Business Scrambling

Is it a last ditch effort to maximize profits or is this the best we can do? Are we serious about anything, other than profits? How many more fast food joints, dollar generals, sleazy hotels, inconvenient stores, evil banks, fraudulent insurance companies, unaffordable health care, cars and housing… can we have? It’s all cookie-cutter, every community is full of the same and own by someone other than community people. Doesn’t this tell you something is seriously wrong? Nobody is concerned about community, but everybody is concerned about profits.

America has gone from million dollar, to billion dollar and to trillion dollar economies and steadily rising. Everything has distorted value and prices continue to skyrocket. All promises about better quality of life for less have been broken and we’re paying considerably more for a lesser quality, including education.  America has been overwhelmed by immigrants; which is another reason good jobs are a thing of the past.

Technology is our last strong hold and there’s serious threat whether or not it’s destroying us. You click on one thing and are bombarded by a host of others. Phones ring off the hook with unsolicited and very annoying sales calls. Plagued by corruption surveillance cameras are everywhere. Peace and harmony slips farther and farther away.

Now, we have all this so called money and power, we’re consumed with the idea of getting more and more to maintain this status as a display of economic power. We’re communicating more with machines than person to person, what good is that?

We’ve priced ourselves right out of the market and are consumed with the idea of conspicuous consumption. How long can we hold this false sense of safety and security? We’re scrambling to try and cover all the lies we’ve told – debt and credit.

We've implemented excellent procedures to manage trash, so how can there still be too much trash?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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