Slavery In America One Big LIE!

If you can't beat'em, be like'em. - African-American proverb

Everybody is telling the same sophisticated lie, and acting as if they can't remember shit. We have no recollection, no record of what actually happened, convenient amnesia to cover the truth. NOw, here we are.

Slavery in America was just one big lie. Just like Columbus discovering America, Santa Claus at Christmas and Black folk celebrating the 4 of July and Thanksgiving… the biggest lie being "All Men Are Created Equal",  but the invisible ink says, "except Black folk".

Slavery in America was one big hoax used by Africans and Black Americans to gain favor from their idol, even above God, White Folk. It was the best excuse black folk could come up with to justify, to the rest of the world, their willingness to submit, be mutilated, violated and validated by their greatest adversary.

The American Slave Trade was a big lie conspired by Africans to justify collaboration and infliction of violence and abuse upon their own people. What other responsible people would not even attempt to rescue their own people?

American slavery was the only excuse Africans could use for idly standing by, while whites abused the shit out of our dumb asses.

Slavery in America was the best justification Africans could use for taking pleasure in kissing the white man’s ass. Why else would we have helped them fight "all" their battles, including slavery? They condoned it. Why else would they have allowed and endured such atrocities without full rebellion? Why else would such a grave matter be so easily swept under the rug? Then, why else did they give in and up so easily? Why did we adopt and mimic all the evil ways of our greatest adversary? Black folk had to want it, they had to want to be like white folk, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing everything they can to mimic and meet the requirements of white folk, if we did not want to be like’em.

And because Africans and white folk were and still are profiting from this great lie, they went along with the program, just as today.

Why do you think white folk still treat black folk the way they do? It’s the way we treat ourselves because subconsciously Africans believe white folk to be the greatest people in and of the world or is it their money and guns?

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