King Cry Baby

"Baby cry" seems to be the new lyrics to the American National Anthem. What are Americans crying about...

Do lawmakers really give a shit about Americans? What happens when Americans can no longer afford to pay for the privilege of living in America?

We don't want to be crybabies, but it seems  we're being treated unfairly. Is threatening a government shut down apart of the democratic process?

It's interesting how Americans run to the rescue of it's foreign neighbors but seems to neglect the needs of its own.  It interesting how we manipulate others who violate, what law makers consider, the democratic process while doing nothing about our own. Is it worth anything to pay lawmakers for the job they're doing?

"So for what are we paying taxes?" What democratic process can straighten all of this out?  We're only left with the Cry Baby song: Well... One for all, and all for one And all we want is to have some fun But squares beware of our property Yeah Paying for the privilege to live in America.

The question is: To whom are you paying, how long can we afford to pay and what are they doing with proceeds? Do they really give a shit?

What happens when Americans can no longer afford to live in America, they open up their borders inviting foreigners into America to pay for the privilege of living in America and this is how are educated lawmakers in American lead the democratic way. Isn't that like what Hitler did, putting his own in the properties of others?´╗┐

(((your inner

the height of irresponsibility´╗┐

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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