America's Founding Fathers Didn't KNow SHIT!

This is not out of disrespect, hatred nor anger, but an acceptance and confession no one wants to admit... Here we go! They didn't know shit and we still don't...

A harsh reality for a rude awakening! Well, if they did know anything, why would they take this land the way they did?  Why weren't they more caring, willing to share, showing remorse or was this remotely the right thing to do?

If you want to make good or better decisions then you must be able to discern what's good for the whole.

Why would they betray the indigenous people of this land, who only helped them  and why do we feel so compelled, obligated to honor the lies about this and that's why this subject is so sore and why it still stirs us to anger? We won't talk about it. We can't talk about it, we can't tell the truth and that's why this country can't come together. You've a lied and lived these lies so long you believe it truth.

Why did white women, who consider themselves so innocent, go along with this gross violence, abuse and neglect, knowing they were being treated as second class citizens...women rights? Why did they classify themselves as victims of women rights? What were they expecting to gain by supporting their men in this inhumane treatment?

Do you really understand why we can't get along today, why we live in communities plagued by crime, violence, abuse, neglect, guns, gold and God? You tell me how this shit matches up?

NOw, you are going to say "I don't know shit" when you know I am telling the truth and until we're able to admit this our country will remain more fucked up than it ever could be.

Why did our founding fathers consider and treat the indigenous people of this land, a people who only ever helped them, as savages? Who proved to be the real savages? They were as wrong as hell for pitting the cowboys against the indians. In doing this they painted themselves as heroes and all people of color inferior to their cause.

If YOur founding fathers were so great, on top of all that, why did they see fit to participate in the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade? Why were so many lives destroyed in order for them to get what only they wanted? Now you tell me how they could have cared?

Don't you think they knew better? Don't you think they knew this wasn't right or do you think they just didn't give a damn? Then, how can you hold me responsible for this demise?

Then we go and teach all these lies in the name of EDucation. We do not want to admit this, the truth, they never were right and it is never going to be right until we change. Instead we'd rather keep lying.

The ones educating us are the culprits of all this inhumane treatment, how can that be? They are the culprits because they are still believing and still selling their lies.

(((your inner

YOur Forefathers

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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