Understanding our Forefathers

Navigating the gauntlet between disaster and prosperity.

What action do you take as you see your children, your own flesh and blood being led to slaughter? Do you say something or do you act as if you see nothing, everything is okay because of your fear of the powers that be saying, "you don't know shit"? Because your parents raised you to be an honest person, at least to  yourself? When I learned better I did better.

Not from what I was educated to say or know, nor from what I voted someone to say, but from my own  personal knowledge and life experiences in the "good ole USA and abroad". It all comes from my strong desire to serve, to help make this world what we say it ought to be.

At one time I was ashamed to write about these kind of things, my fear of this monumental task at hand, knowing no one would want to understand and at the risk of being greatly misunderstood. That people would mistake me for being more than I know I am and not what I ought to be.

We know they meant well, well at least mine anyway. And we know the way the went about getting what they wanted was quite unethical, especially fleeing these same alleged issues in "Great Britain". I can attest to the deplorable living and working conditions under which my forefathers were forced to endure. Because most of which still exist today.

The thing about this all is, how can you abandon the ideals upon which they so diligently worked. To do so would be gross disrespect, if they taught you anything worth a shit, anything worth living for, while without them we would be.

  1. Though today, we know they made a lot of mistakes, all we must do is to correct them and move forward. However there are some who do not want to see us succeed at being the prosperous community we know how to be and we must be wise enough, just as they tried to be in order to discern the difference, that is, if you want a strong interdependent country. ‎ Highly Successful People Habits - Your-inner-voice.com
  2. Their biggest mistake was the double standard living arrangements, by which we’ve tried to uphold from day one, which has further divided us into parties we don't even understand. But how does a party divide itself from first being a human being? WE fully understand and accept responsibility for the gross atrocities committed and their total disregard for land and resources, all of which led us to this unstable place we live today. Well if prices, monies and power are unstable, so are we. If we are so determine to arm ourselves with guns in order to feel more secure haven’t we defeated the original purpose in the first place? Did our forefathers work so every man maybe armed and dangerous or “all Americans” may live in peace and harmony.
  3. That even as right as they thought they were, even my parents were misguided and misinformed. How can the constitution be for one man and not another? Why did we settle for civil rights instead of "human rights"?

 You cannot force a man to be a slave, somewhere in this process he has to submit.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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