Art of Sharing

Wondering what happened to "the art of sharing in America", ask our law makers breakers. Why is duty, honor, country so "fucked up"?

Want to know why crime rates soar in America, why we're moving backwards instead of forward and why we think that is a "matter of opinion"...

The Art of Sharing is now “Wishful fucking Thinking” thanks to who?

Where does it start and why is it so difficult?

In order for a people to survive, they must share, so what’s the problem after all these years? Where does sharing start?

Why is that more and more things cost and the prices only get higher, why is that and how in the hell is that related to sharing. Seems that’s only saying “give me a dollar and I’ll give you what you need”. Now, everybody’s dollar chasing.

On top of all that, we’ve developed some very sophisticated economic and social incentives which put money at the helm of all our lives, as the easiest, the most effective and efficient median of exchange. Is that true? How can money meet this goal when it is so hard to get? When every system is setup to take it from you.

It all starts with our twelve years of “mandatory” education. We use mandatory education to dictate to you what’s good for them and not what’s real. How can it be true, but not real? You start believing it so long until… wishful fucking thinking.

We’ve connected the successful completion of high school with a diploma which makes it “easier” for you to get a better job. Is this true, but the better question is, Is it real? There a big difference between what's true and what's real. You get a high school diploma but can you get a better job? If it is a lie how can anything but the lie be real?

What is sharing? We no longer know, we’re so fucking selfish and confused, we have not a fucking clue how to share and where does it start. We’re all afraid, seriously scared,,,one mother fucker is going to get more than another. We say, “we’re so structured, so organized, educated, democratic, our shit doesn’t stink. Is that true, is it real? Yes it’s true but no it’s not real, but we believe it to be. What kind of shit is that?

When you figure this all out, we’re more like chickens in a pen, there’s a pecking order and this pecking order is determined by domination. The ability of one people to dominate another until there’s nothing left, no food, land, resources, clean water… and now money is their means of monopolizing everything and they've sucked you in. No longer matters who needed what the most, priorities go out the window and everybody's diving for the same crumb. You don't want to go forage for food any more because it's easier to wait to be fed (job).

Whatever it is you need to live, they insert themselves between, establishing themselves as the sole authority and that is best for you and all concerned. They know every fucking thing but you're not suppose to know shit. Just like our government is today and yesterday. Women weren't suppose to know shit (blacks, native Americans, women... Who was the only people who knew shit? It is great to figure some shit out. They keep promising but “getingt just the opposite”. How smart is that, when will you ever learn? You say you want to cut out Obama Care but you end up shutting down the whole fucking government and don’t know how and refuse to do what’s right to correct the shit. I don’t give a damn what party you are, but what good is “a partially shut-down government” to anybody? It is either, it is or it ain’t, open or shut. How can a store be partially open or partially closed,,,what the fuck is the middle ground. In the water or out the water… why fool yourself to further confuse others, like we don’t know. Government employees made to suffer while government lawmakers still collecting a check… Is there anything honorable about that?

The people who pay and elected government officials are made to suffer at the hands of the very people they elected, huh? What is the world coming to? Wouldn’t the elected official sympathize with the very people who elected them to serve them? What kind of fucking duty, honor, country is that? How is that setting a good fucking example of democracy, when it very obvious you do not care about your country nor the people you serve?

Now, what is this pecking order, does it have anything to do with all the stuff we say it does? Well if it did, by now there would be no pecking order, everybody would be happy where they are. But instead we’d rather practice the crudest means of domination.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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