answering your phone in my home ANNOYING!

Y is this? 

Why did you come over to visit in the first place?  Ever tried talking to someone with their phone constantly ringing? Is face to face conversation more important than telephone conversation or just the reverse? Are you showing how effective, efficient, proficient you are or are we being increasingly rude? Are we being programmed to be less personable? Which listeners do you leave?

Cell phones are constantly ringing and we're constantly on the phone, where does this stop? Do smart phones make smart people? How many times must you excuse a person in a single visit?

Is it one more rude manner that has become acceptable? What happens when the phone of your spouse or children rings?

Remember when phones were only located in the home? If you weren’t home or near your phone you simply missed the call. You didn’t know who was calling; therefore you didn’t miss the call, they missed you and would call again.

There was a time prior to cell phones that it was annoying to talk on the phone, while talking to someone else. Remember how annoying it was to be in a home where the phone constantly rang and how we detest being on a job with phones constantly ringing? Remember how aggravating it was when your spouse or children were constantly receiving calls and this was in your home?

However, since the popularity of cell phones has become so overwhelming, phones are constantly ringing , we're constantly being distracted; there is a greater since of urgency along with rudeness every time it rings. There’s something impressive about the thought of knowing you’re in high demand, whether you are or not.

We’re obsessed with responding to a ringing phone, no matter where you are or what you’re doing and that is very dangerous and inconsiderate. These ring tones have become so prominent, they demand immediate response.

We’ve gone from regular ring tones, to caller id, voice messages, silent vibrations, texting, in order to never miss a call and in doing so our volume of calls have become constant and presents a new problem.

The new problem is we're abusing phone privileges and now must acquire the ability to answer the call without others knowing our attention has been distracted. Hence, some people have become very proficient in the art of checking and answering their phones without letting on to their rudeness and being detected. Have we allowed cell phones to compromise our integrity?

As we work through efforts to stop something so dangerous as “being on the phone and texting while driving”, we’re also addressing a conscious effort to avoid being rude in the use of our newly acquired toys, especially when in someone else’s home.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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