Baldwin County Georgia DFCS failing to meet Food STamp Deadlines. Prepare for Train Wreck!

Long miserable EBT lines and ridiculous waiting move from outside buildings to behind automated phone lines.

You can't see them, but believe me, they are there: Already dire situations becoming more dire!

How can DFCS meet time requirements when interviews are backed logged like hell and already over crowed phone lines are backed up to a serious ridiculous state? It's better the government fore warn recipients of intentions to avoid a "deadly train wreck"!

It’s a bitter sweet moment for Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) and recipients of Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT/Food Stamps) in Milledgeville, Baldwin County, Georgia as they both struggle to complete required interviews in order to distribute required benefits and for qualified recipients who struggle to complete phone interviews, so they may continue receiving their much depended upon benefits.  To top all of this, all of this frustration could not come at a more critical time of year, Christmas. There are going to be many disappointed families and agents Christmas 2014 and residents of Baldwin County, Georgia is in for a “rude awakening”, if not corrected.

The thing about this all is the government is reneging on their promise to pay as recipients are left with high hopes and empty hands. As a result of this stalemate something has to give, either DHS will have to make special consideration because they cannot handle already overcrowded lines as the system continues to bog down or residents must prepare for the worse. A lot of people are going to be hurt this Christmas.

This back up is causing qualified citizens to remain on hold for days and still no response. They are able to get through to a recording but remain on hold for days before speaking to an actual DFCS agent.

On the other side, recipients are being called by DFCS agents but being put on hold for the same ridiculous time frames. Image a Government professional phoning you at 8:30a.m. to conduct an interview to receive your much needed benefits and you are put on hold the entire day and still no contact?  Is this something considered humane?

Effective and efficient, has our government come to this, being on hold for days, waiting, hoping a government rep picks up on the other end, actually listening to DHS phone music for hours and days on end; and still no response, what good is that call?

Is this any indication of what’s to come of our Government?

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