being Prepared

But for what are you preparing? What is living and working all about? Health and welfare?

Everybody has a plan, but... Why don't we have a plan and a backup plan? Why don't we practice? How do you best survive those things we do not want, but know are going to happen?

With this new age of technology, we think we're so far ahead of the game. All because we have all these modern conveniences we revel in our accomplishments, our success. But how do we utilize them?

Most of them are not available just do to high cost alone, so what good are they. How do you work for them with jobs steady dwindling? Would we allow technology to put us out of work, out of business?  What do you do when you have nothing better to do?

Being prepared is also the motto of the Boy Scouts, but for what and why aren't we? As a matter of fact you be hard press to find a boyscout and we've moved farther and farther away from the motto. But is that a good thing?

It’s a great help to have technology, but when having technology starts to make lazy, our demise is not far away. They say lazy people invent things, but what good is that when we use them against you? What happens when our state of readiness has been compromised?

Being prepared for what, for as much as possible, that is what living and working is all about. What does not having a plan mean to your state of readiness?

When you're not doing the right thing, then you know the wrong thing is going on. When a child is too quite is a reason to be concerned.

Failing to be prepared makes you a criminal in violation of universal laws. Now, can you handle the consequences?

(((your inner

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Prevention better than Healing

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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