Trial and Error

I had a doctor tell me, Everything was trial and error? When you think about that, it leaves you no where, confused and willing to "try" something that just might not be worth it. That saying, just may give you the courage to do what I call "stupid shit".

I thought this, I thought that,,,well you might want to check yourself? Have you ever done something stupid because you thought? Afterwards, you think, I should have checked. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Yes, everthing is trial and error, however; there are some things you must know. You cannot error with them because you cannot afford to lose. Nuclear, flying, weapons of mass destruction. Why would anyone want to mass destruct anything?

It is like saying, it is never too late. "Yeah but" ask some people who regret what they did? There are just some things you ought not do because you know better.

(((your inner

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