Being Raised Out of Balance

I Do but where are the I Don'ts, why don't we voice those as we voice the things we want people to hear in love???

Working at being something you are not is a distraction to working for what you need. REading and writing feeds the brain, so why are we watching so much tv, even we know what's happening to people like Bill Cosby?

When you grew up out of balance it is very easy to overcompensate, become obsessed with what you were lacking or had too much.

How do you know what you never had? How do you experience that and how do you maintain a healthy balance? Americans talk a lot about peace, love and blessings, but if you call the life experiences I had any of these, then you are a very sick minded person. Americans grew up believing “if they worked hard enough for something they were more likely to achieve it. Nobody ever told us about the wrong thing and the consequences for exploiting everything or over indulging. We think we have earned the right to live the life of leisure, at any cost.

Love and hate, one blinds us to the other, whichever one we are not. We fail to recognize they come all in one as a the bitter/sweet, curse/ blessing, love/hate relationship, with self;  but we only show/sell the good side, hiding the bad. Good is not the  problem, but the hurt, pain and hatred it shares is too shameful to share, so domestic violence and abuse looms out of control.

A family growing up in love, a family growing up in hatred and a family growing up being phony , though all three plays a significant role and have a place in our society, too many families fail to maintain a healthy balance. No one wants to be subjected to the discipline required and we write ridiculous laws, rules and regulations to replace common sense. We portray our lives as you can have one without the other or one overrules the other; this has become socially acceptable and we punish you for displaying the other- violating.

The end results are losing the connection with who we are and being consumed with the notion of working at being something we are not. What is HOMELESS? What is the difference between taking someone’s home or someone’s country, displacing them and calling it your own? Today, we have not a clue who we are, to what we belong and relish in the idea of who we want others to think we are. There is a big difference and we are threatened by anyone daring to challenge our disillusioned efforts. It is hard to know what is real when you are grossly misinformed and misguided. You actually refuse to acknowledge what is, for what you would like it to be and we call that, “making a marriage work”.

The passion created for love makes you vulnerable and we will take that chance to fall in love. Americans are too often blinded we want love to be and what love really is- Black Widow Spider. When an American tells you he or she loves you, be forewarned. Americans have a nasty habit of disguising the notion of destroying the very people they are suppose to love and leaving future generations to the same. If nothing else, look at our eating habits and lifestyles to which we subscribe, how confusing? We actually poison ourselves for profit.

Who would have ever thought violent subjects like guns would be the top priority in the peace and blessing world we claim to have created? Are we sure we are growing in a good direction? Do not you think racism in America would be solved by now, unless you think one race is inferior or superior to another? Why does crime continue to rise, even we have more security than ever before? When have our country ever been at peace?

All these violent and abusive attributes have gone unchecked for so long, they are now an accepted behavior in our society – see our new President. Really, we have not properly addressed them. Raised without respect for human life, Americans have proven your own life will cease and desist.

What is a balance life? This tells me you do not know, but Americans of the new world have not a clue. Where is the discipline in our lifestyles? We grow up thinking we are supposed to ride everywhere, walking has become all but a thing of the past, everyone is consumed with the notion of having their own ride and we profit from this. Same like phones, TVs, music…are now forms of making money for entertainment, is this stupid or what? Does this negate the reason for rest, relaxation, peace and blessings in the first place? We have proven this process only creates more stress.

Working our bodies has gone from a healthy endeavor to a very profitable means of machines and technology. We are on a very destructive path to doing as less work as possible, but we demand more rewards - money. Where, what are our limits at spoiling ourselves, spoiling being no good for human consumption?

We are so quick to jump on the defensive at anyone who attempts to bring some kind of balance into our lives. We have sold our souls for the privilege of modern conveniences. Somehow we have misused the words discipline with freedom and used them for our own reasons to justify whatever it is we want.

Being Americans are grossly out of control, the consequences of which are a growing demand for more. More of what, the same old same old, yet expecting a different result?

(((your inner

Phony People

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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