Fake and Phony People

Art Thomas

Tell me I'm wrong, there are none and if so, very few?

Putting on! Are fake and phony people the majority? Where do you most commonly find them? Where is the line?

What about a "fake a smile"? A wolf dressed in sheep's clothing.

Fake and phone people are everywhere you need to go? They use their phony skills to insert themselves in key positions, so they can manipulate the system by making it, "it is what it ain't". Phony people are very misleading - two faced, forked tongue, back stabbing. What is their experience?

Never change who you are for anyone. Do you really believe that?

Why do you think young men like older women? Because people can tell when you are putting on and it's a turn off.

You’re right, but is it they're easier? There is some confusion as we grow, so you need the right people to maintain the balance.

What about Polygamy? Is it 1 before 2 or 2 after 1? Who really gives a shit about how many spouses one has, as long as they are all consensual. What spouse or person in their right mind would not want to be love by as many people as they can? Why do we cut our own selves short and try to give some stupid explanation for it?

It's hard to find real people who will allow you to be real or yourself, if it is different from them. My mom always said, "it's something about the things you don't like. Is that you've never been hungry enough"?

I feel that from you and I am sure you do your very best to connect during all your performances.

I perform from the heart!

Right, I can't stand with fake people. I laugh at them sometimes when I'm out and see someone like that. Respect is a two-way street, if you want it, you must give it. There is no other way.

The line? It’s all about performance.

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A Falling Culture

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