Don't stop believing in Love SuperBowl 50

A very believable performance, didn't think we had such, ranked so high, the entire half time performance was about something so simple but very powerful..

Are you SuperBowl material? What about your writing, can you score a touchdown with an article? Will your half-time show be an "unbelievable performance"?

Or will you just sit there screaming and yelling at something paying you no attention and calling it "getting involved", letting off steam, one excuse after the next...?

An unbelievable halftime performance, technology and human skills together for an unbelievable performance all about Love. Is that why it was so powerful?

Just the fact they chose this theme for superbowl 50 would say Love is missing it "everywhere, everyday". It's not where we think nor what we think, but how we think. Scary isn't it?  It's suppressed so deep down inside, we don't know which flag to fly. We've got a lot of excuses to hate, create enemies, beat somebody down, profit, but how many to lift everybody up, for FREE?

How many flags have we, how many states, races, gender??? How many different flags do we need? How many nations are we, subcategories of superior human beings, singing about "one" flag, under God, indivisible...?

Will Manning extort Newton? Will Newton kick Manning's (4 time superbowl) ass? Is life really a game or is it what we make it? $25,000,000 one player, $750 a pill, $7.50 per hour???

Is this about believing in LOVE, really? Is this how we help each other? Do we really know what a "servant's heart" really is?

What would happen if every family performed with such high levels of energy, as put forth for the superbowl? Do you understand why our security threat level is getting higher? What if we displayed this level of energy everyday - forever young? High energy everyday towards "one simple theme"? What if for one day, we set aside all our bullshit, what we truly believe, "see more important"? Just for one day, is this too much? WE have every other kind of holiday. We've given the "wrong meaning" to Valentine's Day. What actually happens on this one day of love? What is "the sparkle" all about? Do we even attempt to love anyone we've hated all year??? Then what's different, how are we growing, why keep repeating the same old bullshit and expecting a different result? Damn...

What about kids we've hated just because of their color? Why don't our armies lay down their guns on this one special day of love and hug their enemy? Fuck the Bullshit, stop the shooting and muster the couraGE TO throw their "White Flags", just for one day "stop the bloodshed" both at home and abroad? Well, even is we just stop-it at home that'll take care of it everywhere else.

You know all the bullshit we claim we're doing by fighting these wars, enforcing rules and regulations "just because it's your job"? All the people who claim to be helping keep the peace we claim  and "just make peace"? Are we too scared, too ashamed, too arrogant, too cash strapped, too busy pitting people against people, too busy making a -$-, being phony, fake, counterfeit, false, deceiving, not truthful...??? What we'll do for a dollar?

For FREE, which is the way it was, the way it was naturally designed to do things out of love for each other, sharing because one person's success means success for the whole group? How much more simple could that be?... WE WANT Do Shit. Why keep complicating simple? Free, love vs. MONEY, GUNS, VIOLENCE and ABUSE, good side/bad side...?

Hard to imagine an entire society focused on everything but??? We spend more time figuring out how to look like we're not extorting each other, we have "no time" for anything worthwhile, unless you want to call it SuperBowl 50.

Do you think you're man or woman enough? Did Newton think he would win? Faith, when did we ever believe in love, a love in which we all can share?

(((your inner

"Extortion A Way of life in America"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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