Is it a way of life in America?

What does it mean? Do I need to google extortion, just let me see before I talk too much.

Get them before they get me, is that it? Shoot them before they shoot me? Shoot first ask questions later? What if I killed a kid, a pregnant woman, a person wearing glasses???

They say America was discovered by a European, but a Europeans acquired the land they call America by extorting the indigenous people of this land. Extortion. The obtaining of property from another by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, fear or under color of official right and it has been this way every since.

What good is knowing all of this when we're completely comfortable with what we have? A lot of guilty consciences and covering up of what's really going on, which is the explanation for what's going on today.

As we spend our time planning for something we know was obtained by less than ethical and moral conduct. This means we're no better than the very criminal we're committed bringing to justice.

They say life and living is about truth and purity, which are apart of 4 absolutes for life - honesty, purity, unselfishness and love, but for what? Are we "just that defiled", do we even k no w "the word"?

SuperBowl 50 talks about believing in lOve.. But at the end of this article it was...YOu extort me and I extort you. I'm sorry if this breaks your heart.

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"America Gave up Her Husband for a Machine"

YOUR inner voice

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