big Brother Watching

Big Brother is Watching YOU? Why get so upset about anyone stalking you?

How do you feel when you're nicely driving a long and see cops hiding in the bushes? What about out shooting radar? What about pulling someone over or blowing them down?

Seeing a speeding cop, no lights flashing, in a government car, paid for by your tax dollars, just passed you doing 90mph in a 55mph zone, where is he going and why so fast? Is this necessary to catch violators or is the abuse of police powers? Is this control and intimidation or a show of "deadly force"? How is he a safer driver than you? How can he better control an out of control car than you? Why instead of getting better drivers, drivers rage gets worse?

Most of us are very protective of our personal business, but is ((right now wrong)), email, online banking, social networks, are they coming back to haunt us - screening computer traffic using government and  private sector?

big brother is watching you?

I njoy watching too, so why don’t you show me? What feelings or emotions does the thought of that evoke? Do feel more secure, vulnerable, control and invaded. What choice do you have in the matter?

Most care, but are too scared to say anything before it’s too late. My question to you is: Can’t you see, what good does it do to cry over spilled milk, to shut the door after the cow has gotten out of the barn? How do you have freedom, liberty, justice… if you never exercise? What good does that do? How can you njoy any of that with the invasion of your privacy. Do you have the right answer, well how do they?

How can you njoy life scared or reluctant that what you may do maybe misconstrued as criminal activity, all the time knowing what you’re doing is criminal activity? That’s why I ask, Is right now wrong?

Why am I so concerned about what you think when you could care less? Why are you so nosey, under the guise of safety and security? The key is, we haven’t properly admitted and corrected past problems, so how in the hell will we recognize and correct the new? Scary as hell isn’t it? We go through all this shit but what’s the purpose?

What is that I want? What, why am I saying all of this? Well, if you’re asking yourself those questions, then you already know. What good does it do to closely monitor the actions of a dumb and stupid people? Who does that profit?

Take a sporting event for example: Even with all the video and other technological means of coverage, all this shit we know should make for a better game for all concerned,,,.the shit just gets more corrupt, violent and abusive.

Who the hell is Big Brother, is he or she actually my brother or foe?

How do you save yourself, if you are afraid to express yourself? Instead of placing cameras to watch the people, why don't we place them to catch speeders? Why must/do we spend all this money outfitting cops with sophisticated gear, when a camera can do better?

Big Brother is watching you is the core "truth" of the propaganda system, where the ruling class wields total power for its own sake over the inhabitants. 

So, what difference does that make to your old ass? You are the reason, abuse of government power, particularly in respect to human rights, conducted through mass surveillance - digital stalking.

(((your inner

I had a dream

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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