I had a dream

There's something really, really, funny about the feeling of being "fucked"?

Do you, did you know it? Slavery, you just couldn't be an American Indian and left alone. In other words, if you were here just minding your own damn business...

One,,, You will only get that here? If I shared my dream with you, what would you do? I dream of multiple partners, what about you? Yeap, I believe in sharing and what in the fuck IS wrong with that?


How long will you be "politically correct" and getting nowhere? As a matter of fact,,, the more you do,,, the worse it gets???

How Long Does Your Dream Need To Be? What do authorities say? 

Need to be? I learned a new way to spell njoyable? Is retirement looking better? Then, why when you retire?

How long does your dream need to be before reality robs you? How much more time do you have to dream of being free, love, travel…? Are you having visions of life beyond?

They say, What a man spends his time doing is his passion. Who are we helping? What happens when your passion seems to be making things worse and worse?

What about your justice system, your system of doing justice? What’s with an alarming crime rate, economic and social decline?   What happens when we take pleasure in murdering one another?  I kinda understood when it was just me? Why slaugther, mass murder, what good is that life? you can't even take refuge in a nursing home?

Why say you escaped, when your ass is in front of me?

We have better autos, computers, homes… We have the technology to pump natural gas, water, cool air, music, t.v… directly into our homes… Weren’t these things to make life a lot more njoyable?

Loss of jobs, did they all depend on your ability “to get a job”? What about get the job done? Now, you work “like hell” and complain about how hard they are to get. Did you ever think about maintaining them, do you? What about debt, what actual is it and how much do I owe? Stop the fucking whining, go upto the office and ask that question, so you won't have no more fucking excuses.

Everybody knows how to solve the problem, but nobody's solving the problem.. what kind of thinking and doing is that? How do you teach that shit.

How well did you do your job? Are you telling me all you could do was not enough to maintain your jobs? So, whose to, do you blame?

Do you hear them talking about our President? They say, he talked about everything except jobs? Well, he has a job and a damn good one, if I may admit that, but all we do IS MAKE THINGS WORSE, by BLAMING. We’re (((always))) “belly aching and complaining”, knowing all the time…

With all we have, waste, fraud and abuse. Think about shit!!! With all you have, all you do is fucking complain: Was she lipsinking or what? What was she wearing? Did you see him roll his eyes… Now, all this fucking complaining is coming from people we see on tv, produced by MASS MEDIA. Is that what we do with our technology? Is that how we utilize it? Is that most efficient and effective? Ask yourself and give yourself an honest answer for ONCE.

Here's another really, really funny one: The more you work yourself out of debt, the more debt you get???? hahaha,,,lol, lol, la... That shit is worse than slavery? Let's see,,, the more I work, the more work to be done...HELLO. Why the hell go to work, when you ain't accomplishing shit, as a matter of fact, the more you work, the more fucked up the shit gets. Isn't that a signal to stay the fuck at home, to fire your own self...

Hell... quit and things will get better. Quit so they can. You build bigger and better homes, but can you afford them? What happens to property we cannot afford? What about all these abandoned houses in our communities, while we're over feeding the Africans?

I can't get a job and you take liberty in moving them overseas. I don't give a flying fuck for your reasoning or why would I work there in the beginning? I worked, you moved? Is taxation without representation my fault? Did I mismanage the shit? Free labor, but I'm stilled fucked.

Today, you have terrorist, is this a joke or what? Seriously, who is the biggest,,, who are/is our greatest, biggest terrorist? Hint::: It is only (((one person))). Why the colours?

Should Preachers be armed? What about Teachers, in elementary schools? Be real!! If you need a policeman in school, what does that tell you? Are things getting better or worse?

If you and they are selling VIDEO ALARMS systems, I mean you feel more secure with only with the most secure alarm system... and things are only getting... Why leave home? Is it really that bad?

Requiring ALL passenger cars and trucks manufactured after September 2014 be equipped with a “black box,” similar to what’s currently installed on airplanes...

why the street cameras, are things, are they, do they provide better security? Who's watching? Is it the more we see, the more resolve or is it just the opposite? Is all of this necessary to make us do ... Are our school buses safer?

A motherfucker will steal all you got, the minute you leave home, how does he know? Doesn't that tell you something is terribly going wrong? Is it inside or out? Why do you call that a terrorist? Now, what’s so njoyable about them?

How long does your dream need to be… before you wake the fuck up? When will you stop talking and start doing - Childhood OBESITY? Do you need a fucking gun? How old or is it young to drink? What difference does it make WHEN YOU’RE DRUNk? Is it better to be drunk or living a fucking dream?

same sex.. molestation...religion...race, education, crime, health care. Things that really count, where are they? Business minded, why would you worry or concern yourself with a terrorist, if you were minding your own business? Home of the brave, land of the free. Funny isn’t it?

Why weren’t our founding fathers concerned about terrorism? But it only stands they had more reason to be? Why weren’t slaves, is it really a fact that the KKK is looking for new members, why? Where did they put the fliers, are they serious, did they ever exist, where, why? Have things really changed, have you - controlling and invading, snooping on our phone calls and emails. There are cameras and microphones everywhere… And now even drones (like the ones we use to spy in Afghanistan) populate our skies.

What do authorities say: - Legally hiding money from the government and the IRS

- Keeping email communication totally secret with a strategy supposedly perfected by terrorists and cheating spouses
- Making sure a thief cannot use your credit card, even if it’s stolen
- The trick to beating facial recognition technology
- Legally generating tax-free income that you never have to report to the gov’t or anyone else.

And much, much, more.

“Big Brother” is still alive and well in America… And he’s growing fast. The little privacy we had in America is now gone.

“The ideas I want to share--while completely, 100% legal--will probably be considered unpatriotic at best… or perhaps even treasonous, to those in power. The last thing I want to do is attract the attention of some neo-conservative organization or whacko liberal group. Or for the government to put my photo on one of their infamous ‘watch’ lists.” Is that the same list of "all talented black males", not that color really matter? What happens if you really solve a problem?

Is right now wrong?

How long will you,,, Quit lying to yourself? How long does it need to be? I had a dream? Where do you turn, even if you've done nothing wrong. Completely innocent, hard working people jobs and homes taken away!

Easy way to maintain your privacy in America...Time, wouldn't it be better spent making love? 

I can hold my own in any. Dedicated to my family and always willing to step up when needed in any area from health care to finance, business to housekeeping. I have seen a lot of different situations in life and my interests are widespread and varied. I am passionate for justice and balance in my life and those I love.

Love may be understood as part of the survival instinct, a function to keep human beings together against menaces and to facilitate the continuation of the species, then we have a value for "LIFE".

Anyway.......that's all she wrote.

(((your inner voice)))

Your favorite Artist, ever enjoyed them so much you “loaned” to be there? Are you not more valuable dead than alive? Could you somehow see yourself through them... The Surpremes,, Al Green, Alman, Blind Brothers, Globe Trotters, Jed Clampit, Sitting Bull, Shaka Lulu, Marcus Garvey, Harriet (((Ross))) do you know your ancestry? A portrait, poster, Bible... a piece of their garment...anything you could get your hands on, but wouldn't that be destroying a man - gun control.

Art Obama­

COMING SOON: Likeminded and TOTALLY interested in my work.

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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