Big Fish In a Little Pond

We're some really arrogant asses! 

Would you rather be a big fish in a little pond or little fish in a big pond?

There are times you can be so pumped up you don't realize what the hell is going on. It's like a feeding frenzy, but remember, you'll have to eat another day and if you keep enjoying these feeding frenzies one day you're going to be caught in you own.

I associate Pay checks and grocery stores with the feeding frenzy behavior. When you have a pay check, you feel sooo important. You feel you can pay for what you want but it's a sad thing when a man's ability to think stretches only as far as his wallet.

Who's go the best news, biggest house, fanciest car, boat, clothes, school, highest paying job, gun... and all of which is material bullshit which means absolutely NOTHING. Then there is all this mandatory shit we impose upon each other because we've allowed ourselves to spiral so far out of control. Even though we know mandatory does work, just like anything else forced. Mandatory insurance but no mandatory health care,,, go figure. Now, we'll force you to get insurance but we can't force you to go to doctors,,, what, why...? Somebody gets paid for insurance but nobody gets paid when you're healthy, so we don't give a fuck, we just don't care.

But somehow, we use all this material bullshit to justify our importance, self-worth and there are more people killed over this material shit than there are killed over nothing. Now, being obsessed with all this material bullshit has made us "big fish in a little pond".

Can we agree to our differences? The continuous thinking you're number ONE causes you to have an inferior/superior type attitude and that is detrimental to anything good and wholesome in life.

By nature, impulsive and action-oriented and that is the only thing on which you can count. You will never be the biggest fish in the pond.

(((your inner

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