Having Good Conversation

And you wonder why we don't do any better than we do... take a look here, see if this is you.

I'm trying to be a good listener but you keep breaking my concentration by talking. Sometimes I ask myself, "have my life gone on vacation", have I stop prospering?

We're all the time wishing for someone to listen, someone with whom to chat, forums, the great information highways....

Now, ask yourself,,, “Do you really listen”? Are you always talking about the same old shit or do you really try to engage your partner in something new?

I have friends that every time I introduce something I think new,,, “they already know”. Do you have friends like that and they wonder why their lives are the way it is. Friends that want you to think they know everything, then how can you experience something new together? They already know but aren’t doing a damn thing and when you bring that to their attention, they say something like,,, “you don’t know what I’m doing across the street”. All that's ever created is more verbal conflicts and tension.

My question to you is, why aren’t you doing it here? How can you have good conversation with someone who knows everything and they’re doing it everywhere but at home? What's happening when the positive state of flow is only with yourself? The only person engaged is yourself.

Great leaders have great communications skills and there's nothing more erotic than a great conversation and good writing is even more so.  With good conversation comes success and satisfaction in relationships.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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