Women Getting Along

Why can't we agree to disagree? Does fucking give you any kind of right? Truth is power.

We ain't even got civil rights, but our women strongly believe what they have between their legs gives them some king of rights or power over the men they share it with, even though history and reality proves otherwise. Look in our communities, neighborhoods... why aren't we getting along?

A friend of mine warned me about a new friend I met. Black American Women use their power to destroy everything, meaning communities, relationships, land and resources...

Getting along with Women, especially Black women? It’s hard to get along with Black American Women, when other women are involved. They are so controlling, jealous..., so much so they are willing to destroy everything, just to get their way. What about their ability to rationalize and keep the peace? They are so full of hate, evil… How can our men depend on them? How can our people depend on them? How can you together work like that?

Lying, as much as we have been lied to as a people, why do you get so upset when you perceive your black male friend has lied to you? Now, we aren’t talking about young adults, but grown old ass black women. To keep the peace, why couldn’t we agree to disagree? Why couldn’t it just have been a misunderstanding on behalf of both parties?

Was it worth all your drama to prove your point? Was your point worth destroying the whole day or the mood at that time? For peace sakes, why couldn’t you hold your peace, for a more appropriate time, allowing black people to come together? Would that indicate a more responsible behavior, no matter if you are from Boston or The Congo?

Men and Sex, let’s say I invite you for a sleep over. Would you get angry because I would not sleep with you, no matter what you think or say I said? Now, here you are, in my house, with my guess, another woman and think I am going to sleep with you? Are you trying to take over, am I your husband, do I belong to you? Don’t I have a right to sleep with who, what, when, where I desire or you could take your ass home?

What kind of man would I be if I heeded your very selfish advice? What would you do if I told you when, where… about your sleeping arrangements, in your home? Is that respect or what?

What does sleeping with you mean? Does that have anything to do with our spiritual connections? Would I want to sleep with a woman who dictates to me whether or not I sleep with them or allows me to make the decision? Would you rather do bad over good, is there a better way?

Why would you confront or be confrontational about sleeping arrangements? What do you say to our girls about fighting over men? Why wouldn’t you just go home, if you didn’t like the arrangements?

Why would you use your power to knock me down, when I am doing my best to lift you up? Human Beings..

(((your inner voice.com)))

Kinky and Freaky

Controlling Ass Women

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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