Controlling Ass Women

So people can see and know you by your real name.

I've been there a thousand times, so take this for what it is worth. I have nothing to hide nor any reason to lie.

Is this you? How far have you gotten ahead? How much have we prospered?

We just got out of slavery. I knew it was more than that. Am I expendable? Can I buy you? Can I tempt you? You may not be a sore loser, but how do you respond to losing? How does that prosper us? So if you do not give a damn, why do you pretend to be a humble human being? Why are you not true to yourself?

Riding, walking or being dragged, this may or may not be you, but you do need to be aware, not so you do not fall into the trap, but you know not to panic. I need to get it off my chest. You know this is par for the course, in all you may do to help. Lower your expectations so you can reach them.

Women say they do not want it and are too quick to point this out in women rights issues, but what they refuse to understand is that they, create these double standards, violent and abusive situations. We know going into relationships, but what happens in the divorce? Why create a “no win” situation? Why even attempt to build a healthy community, knowing your selfish ass? And you wonder why our communities suffer so, economically and socially. Who do you blame? What about yourself and self growth? How do you explain and teach these ways?

Why controlling ass women? It is through women men build their families, communities... Without each other there is no multiplication and what good is that when we are just going to destroy each other anyway?

Controlling ass women create controlling ass men, creating controlling as kids and this vicious self-defeating cycle continues to repeat it’s self. Like crabs in a basket, it is detrimental to the good of everything.

What are controlling ass women? They are jealous and revengeful women who want to direct your every move, with or without them. They are women who feel powerless so they do anything to project cause and effect, whether it is good or evil. Little do they care they are only destroying. They are extremely possessive and obsessed with getting their way. They are the kind of women who stalk men, causing men to do the same whether it is good or evil and that is very dangerous.

Why so dangerous? They are not true to self. Punishment, they are out to hurt in order to soothe their own pain, misery loves company. They create a hostile and unstable environment. They allow their sexual emotions to dictate their actions, yet they encourage men not to think with their dicks. They hate to hear our Rappers rap about them.

Some view it as harmless and in control. It teaches you to intentionally do evil things to each other, just to prove your point, to hurt each other just because of misunderstandings and to do things you will live to regret. It enslaves us just to prove your point. It debilitates us for your own satisfaction. It’s humiliating and contradictory to everything for which we teach, been taught and those before us have struggled, worked and prayed. It disturbs peace and harmony. What good is it to destroy all for which you have worked? Why cut off your nose to spite your face? You are talking about cultural wars, class warfare, women rights, human rights; what gives you the right? God tells you what to do, but you just don’t fucking listen.

What must you do to provoke an attack? Nothing, it is all mental and emotional. Just as with masters who never took the time to know their slaves, but physically and mentally beat them into submission, while expecting them to be more productive, the affects of which we're suffering right now.

It sets the stage for domestic violence and abuse. Two wrongs doesn’t make a right and you can’t make sense out of something that doesn’t make sense. It is fruitless and foolish. But some do not mind being fruitless or foolish just to prove their point.

What is their point? If I can’t have you then no one else will. I am not going to help because you may get a step ahead of me.

Catchy title and very prevalent between men and women relationships, but in reality “a controlling ass” is not gender specific.

It ain't reading between the lines but the energy left behind.

(((your inner

Controlling you?

Control your inner voice

Cultural war

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