Black on White Rape

Of what evils are white treacherous bitches capable?

Black on White Rape Wrongfully Accused and the deviant behavior of nasty ass white women, evokes furor in the eyes of their overzealous white male counterpart.

The Interracial crime, they found this after they killed them. When the words “I didn’t do it” translate in the minds of a lynching mob that “I did”? When justice serves one but turns a blind eye to the other for committing the same act?

This article goes out for every black man hung for “being wrongly accused of raping a white woman” and there were plenty of us.

When a white man rapes a black woman he’s held in high esteem, but even when a black man is “accused” of the same act furor, unmatched by any crime is generated and our justice system goes on a rampage until a self proclaimed lynch mob finds the first black man they can finger with this crime, guilty or not. What’s the problem with this kind of system? Is there anything good about it? Has it been compromised? Is that a speedy trial?

White women are notoriously more treacherous and cold hearted than their white male counterpart. They very effective at killing an innocent man without ever firing a shot or getting blood on their hands. The lies they tell cover their desire and partaking in their forbidden fruit. White women are notorious at pretending to hate the people who are being oppressed And pretending to love the people who are doing the oppressing, all in order to get their way?

I read statistics, they say prove otherwise, but I know all these high yellow people walking around, especially in America was not a result of black on white rape, but a result of White males raping Black women. Have they ever told the truth?

Why don’t we hang accused rapist today, then why did we hang them, in particular black men, wrongfully accused by white women and despite little evidence? Okay that’s an interracial crime, now, put the shoe on the other foot. Why weren’t white men hung for raping black women?

Brutally murdered for nicely speaking to a white woman is how America was first exposed for committing these heinous crimes against black men.

Rape, so, you can effectively create and enforce a law punishing to death one man and upholding another for performing the same act under the same law? How does that rate across the Christian agenda, the justice system? What message does that send to the victims, perpetrators and the rest of us? What does that say about our respect for women? What does that say for today and future generations? Do you think anyone will ever realize how off balance, inhumane, stupid… you and our system of justice really are? And this is the kind of country in which we live in 2013.

I look around my life and look for ways to immediately improve, like we say we’re supposed to do, but what has taken the rest of us so long? The final forming of a person’s character lies in his own hands.

It’s a damn shame when the man who wronged you now rights you. Our shame and hatred for each other is not in what we do, but the way we do it. Justice, when the same man who falsely accused and punished you disciplines you, how is that justice?

(((your inner

The Grey Nigger Bitch

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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