Are Blacks More Treacherous Than Any Other People

Why does the world treat us the way they do? Do you look forward to seeing Black people as people succeed? How do Black people see themselves contributing to the success of Black people?

Do you know Black people refuse to hire Black people and there are Black people who refuse to work for or with Black people? The thing about this all is, the majority of Black people are desperately looking for jobs. Why don't they want us up there with them? Why must we meet special conditions before receiving the same dignity and respect as fellow human beings, even unto our own?

We have got so much shit that comes with us, but what is the real deal in a system designed to destroy your self-esteem?

When Black people enter an exclusive restaurant the best tip hungry servers shy away from us. They don’t believe we’re going to tip them like our counterpart, and it's pretty much the same attitude as Blacks climb the ladder of success, why this stereotype?

As we teach our children about work ethics, why do poor performers make more than productive performers?

When a Black person is in a position of authority why are Black subordinates so insubordinate to them? Then, why do Whites feel so threatened?

When Blacks are in charge, their subordinates want to be considered "an exception to the rule". Is this how White people work and should we do the same? Does this work ethic prove successful?

Do Blacks care enough about Blacks to lovingly police themselves before getting in trouble? Black employees being undisciplined, defiant and contrary to their Black supervisors, is this behavior a result of the Willie Lynch Theory?

Why do Black people perform better for white, yet talk about how bad they're treated by whites? 

If you think Black people are like this and refuse to do business with them, then why would you do business with White people, who have a long violent and abusive history of being far more treacherous than Blacks; and especially towards Black people?

Is this a vicious cycle we refuse to acknowledge or is it we think it not important enough to fix? If you do not look forward to seeing yourself, then whose going to look forward to seeing you? If you don't give a damn about self then how can you expect others to care?

 (((your inner

"Why do Blacks in Positions of Power Turn oN their Own"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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