Black Folk Fear White Folk

Hello, sad but true in 2013

Denial. Is this what you want or what they want? Why would a smart person like you want to work as a common field hand? Now, who would be the "common field hand"? WHo wants to remember this shit?

What's the difference between the common field hand and the "house nigger"?

Is it fear or our desire to be accepted? What drives that desire, a desire strong to help them than it is to help yourself?

De Lawd is soooo goood, religion! 7/11, 7 words song 11 times. Self imposed barriers! A strong sense of superior over inferior, who exactly are the inferior people?

Why are Black People Scared of White Folks? Is there any logic reason for this discussion? Why do we have Black History Month? Has it gotten to a point we're affraid each other? 

10 reasons

I hate them for what  they've done, but we love you if you allow.

First, I discussed this subject with a good friend and here’s what he said? It’s not really that Black folk are afraid of white folk, it’s the fear of things happening in their family history. The memories of the horror happening in their families. This generation of black Americans were 5 years old when this type behavior was acceptable… Let’s say it was kicked to a new level in the twenties, 1920 or so.

Business is business and that’s beside the point. The more educated folk are even affraid to be affraid. If you keep ignoring what's happening how can you ever overcome it? Never forget the words you spoke as a child.

Of course I agreed; what he was saying was quite sad, but the truth. I don’t care if black folk were already in America, was brought over in Slavery in America, What school, how much money,,,black folk were and still are simply scared, fear, the absolute most loyal, obedient to White folk in America.

 Now, why is that? White man law and threat of hurt, harm, danger, prison, money, power and position. Just ask any Policeman?

Why did Black folk flee rural living, why did they take refuge in moving to cities and up North?

what’s the difference between “scared” and “fear”? The truth shall set YOU FREE and that includes everybody, everybody can be great!

(((your inner

Going straight to Hell, why?



YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


What do like minded-people have in common?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!
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