I went to hell and this is what they said to tell you?

I just got back from HELL and they have no worries because of the shit you’re doing here. As a matter of fact, they're happy as hell and here's why:

What good does it do, how does a man prosper by telling the truth? How does a man prosper  by lying? Which is better, the why the other? Do you think your wife is going to tell you the truth?

You hear a lot of horror stories about hell, but are they really true? My neighborhood alone, I really think you would better fair in hell. The greatest incentive we have to being good and nobody really gives a damn.

The worst part about that all is they will lie every time. Thinking of getting a job, are they really looking for the best man? Is it the best man for their pockets? What’s wrong with that, the best man for your pocket? There’s a big difference between the best man and the best man for your pockets. How can hell be worse, is because no one has admittedly come and said?

Was the best man the slave or the master? What does today tell you? The best man for you have led this country straight to hell. Who’s the real traitor, gets confusing there. Is it me for voicing what I see or those doing it? Why how can a family prosper hating each other? Why do we lie about what a family is supposed to be?

Is technology making us any better? "We need this to see that a human being is completing the form".

Family values, what are they, where? Why does everyone in my family act like Ma Dear”? Why is it the more you listen to them, the more depressed you are? How can we get more police and crime keeps rising at an alarming rate? The more food available the higher the cost? I mean every way you Iook at the current situations, current events, what’s really going on, I ask myself “Did it have to be this way”? It’s sad when a man is in slavery, master and slave, but does not realize that.

It’s sad a sad, sad situation when a man realizes he’s enslaved? Do you know the meaning of slavery, slave. Prisons, ghettoes, Government,,, Everyday, I hear it from Barack Obama. I hear what he says, I find it hard to believe what he says is still going on.. Further, how they treat him and he’s the President of the United States of America,,,, so that “right there” tells me Where. All the shit I’ve gone through just to be a productive citizens and I’ve been wrong on every front. Is that all political?

Now, Barack  There Are Happier People in Hell

(((your inner

Art's Friend

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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