American Businesses Denying Black Americans, Why?

American businesses in 2015 still deny Black Americans the same business opportunities as Whites.

This race issue is much greater, deeply rooted than racism and it even extends over into the black race - people who go along to get along. Look inside their jails, with what people are they full, what gender and this is too often provoked or the punishment does not match the crime?

Look inside their banks what deserving people are missing? It's very blatant/obvious the presence of Black Americans is intentionally missing/blocked/denied in any organization or effort concerning the leadership of this country.

I consider these incidents "more than racism but Human Rights Violations. In particular these human rights violations specifically target  Black American males. So, what is a Black American male supposed to do to be recognized as a fellow American? At this time, it is just not accepted.

The crazy thing about this all is the organizations advocating non-violence, freedom of religion, come to Jesus... ain't doing shit to help this cause, which makes them just as guilty as the culprits. What if Americans were denied business opportunities just because they're Americans? Would you see this as fair,  you would feel violated, angry, confused, humiliated, less than.....

So, all you Americans and American organizations, sitting on your assess, doing nothing, but seeing yourself not responsible are being very irresponsible. That's how the Atlantic Slave Trade went unopposed for so long. Those in power saw themselves as powerless, if they wanted the favor of those in power.

There are many Americans, black and white, who are of the opinion "Blacks fuck-up everything in American" therefore do not want the business of Black Americans. They feel denying access to all Black Americans is the only way to solve their problems. Continue reading "Blacks denied in Milledgeville, GA Nightclub 2015"

Reasons why denial of people based upon color, gender... should not be allowed:

1. Human Rights violations. If you're going to do business let's be professional about the whole damn thing.

2. A threat, intimidation and punishment to the ALL people, especially the people being denied.

3. It's not the fact that some behaviors shouldn't be tolerated, but this type of behavior is one of them.

4. Black Americans learned and adopted these destructive ways from men still holding the vast majority of leadership positions in American government and industry. How can you expect a people to behave better than you treat them?

If you want to be respected as professional businessmen, across the world, why not treat the world as professionals, without regard to race, creed, color, gender...., without prejudice?

If they do it to the President of the United States, what do you think they're doing to you?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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