Blacks denied in Milledgeville, GA Nightclub, a human rights violation

Combating ignorance with ignorance.

Even college students of are denied. The black people that move to milledgeville for college are pretty much all well mannered great people, but i have found the exact opposite for black folks born in milledgeville. The racism is on both sides. This story went viral and it's in my hometown, so it hits close to home. Am I racist and ill mannered?

It's not the club, but the mentality of a people. The people doing all this denying is often of less character than the people denied. So, it's even of more reason for suspicion when an uneducated man denies an educated man. Is this payback for educated people denying less educated?

The locals are not racists, but all too familiar with this inhumane treatment and nearly nothing positive being done. The locals already know by acting like a "good nigger" will not open any more doors for you, in this already racially bias town. Fearing for their only perceived means of livelihood, they feel they have no other choice than to fight ignorance with ignorance, in order to be treated like a human being, just like the rest of America.

All this denial comes as no shock, it's nothing new, just Business As Usual, but in a serious state of denial, especially in "rural back woods America". There's a particular trend going on in Milledgeville: Everything worthwhile in Milledgeville is geared towards college students, money and the powers to be do not want the Black locals to mix. The locals can't afford the nice housing built for college students or the fancy dining.

The small town racist mentality does not allow nor make special consideration for educated people of color, no matter how well you are, you're still a nigger.

This is no more or less than racial incidents experienced and reported by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washingon, Wesley Snipes... all over America.

What should happen? Police your own, the White people with character should threaten to "burn this place down", just as Sherman Marched through Milledgeville. If this man and his business does not want to do business with the general public, especially with Black Americans and especially because of our long and turbulent history, he and it should be closed.

If we are truly a people for 50/50 relationships this would be a no brainer. When did Americans ever participate in 50/50 relationships?

Ferguson, Baltimore, Louisiana, Georgia..., if human rights violations are occurring in these states, it is happening all over America.  

I ain't calling it "racism" but "human rights violations" and any man caught violating human rights should be treated as a terrorist, a threat to all mankind.

White women, White churches... should ban together and call for this business to co-exist based on American principles and ideals, if they want this in return.

This is not something to be corrected by people of color, if we're on this 50/50 kick and know this is WRONG. White people should be embarrassed, insulted, not tolerate, close down any business denying service to any human being based upon color, gender.... The reasons are a "no brainer".

(((your inner

In business, Why should people of color, gender... be denied?

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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