Being Blunt 

Some don't want to face reality and others don't want you to...Where do you stand?

How do you elect a brighter future? Why must you elect one?

A coward’s death, will anyone allow you to have total control of you? How does what I eat, make you shit? Time to win!

Let me be blunt. It’s time to win. Did you know we’re at war against each other and that includes our own selves? Current events, newspapers, books… to learn what’s going on, why even listen to them, and still not know what’s really going on??? Ratings, how does a minority compete with a majority - your credit score? N/A!!!

Why are we fighting each? Where the battlefield, how is it divided? Who’s really winning?

I would rather fight than switch! Is romance and marriage a bit more genteel these days… sex, money, power…

Your enemy, friendly and foe, who are they and how do you know? Are you too obedient to know? Where will you take refuge, where is your safe heaven, are they preparing you to die a coward’s death –In God We TRust?

Think about shit, do you really expect them, those who are feeding, working and fucking the hell out of you, to take care of you? Do they take care of you now, do you? Do they even have your best interest at heart or in mind? Will you get better treatment than New Orleans? Will they treat you as good as they do their President? Why is it okay for them to take advantage of you, but illegal for you to do the same?

We were divided before our President, but since many more gaps have been created to further disguise real perpetrators. The proof is with our President, if they want him out, what do you think about your “monkey ass”?

Do they want him out because he’s (((under qualified, over qualified, not a productive citizen, not smart, not a good family man, not for the good of the whole, Poor, Uneducated…)))??? Why the hell are Republicans against Democrats? What color is your state??? Will you run from the North to the South? WTFU.

How do you make a difference, have you ever, a they notorious for lying to and tricking you? Or do you just think it’s me?

If you do not know your enemy, if your parents don’t know, didn’t know, the people you vote for don’t know and fail to see,,, then what’s happening to your “dumb ass”? On whom do you depend, is it republicans or democrats? If your country is not willing to work together at the top, then what’s happening at the bottom? If you do not “overstand” what’s going on at the top, how can you ever understand what’s going at the bottom. If you cannot do anything about what’s going on at the bottom, how in “the sam hell” can you even think the Top is going to do it for you? What makes you think you’re so special they will spare your ass? If they killed MLK, hate the President, do not think you deserve, have earned, “”free Health cAre”“want you to have health care… If they get mad every time you get something…and it doesn’t have to be near as much as them,,, they lose control.

To whom does true control go to? To those who fight for it. So, if you aren’t fighting for control of self, you already know. If you are so unconcerned to fight your own battles, so selfish to think you escaped, then you are helping your enemy to win.

What if they’re in majority and you’re in minority? What’s the impact? Do high-class white women receptive to high-class black people? Why do, how do we have same sex marriage, yet repulse interracial marriage? Why should gender be more accepted over race? Should people inside the church be against people outside the church, why? What should you believe? What happens when believers marry unbelievers?

Making phone calls, Donations, do these things give you more or less control over you, how, why? Who has your best interest in mind/heart if you do not? Split, how do we come together? Prepare yourself.

Brighter future, will it be red, white or blue? What i eat don't make you shit, but if we're not working together for the good of the whole,...

(((your inner

The Art of Living 

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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