Do You see a smile on my face? The greatest crime.

How does it feel to be smiling in the face of a traitor? I can tell you how it feels to be smiling in the face of a white man who hates your guts  but can only imagine the hurt and pain generated from smiling in the face of a man who's about to betray you! I can only image it as being comparable to smiling in the face of the man who's about to molest your child, rape your wife, rob your family, live in your home, feed you poison kool-Aid, eat your groceries, enslave your people... it wouldn't be a pretty picture.

The United States of America or the “Segregated States of America”? The Confederate States of America, the South shall Rise Again But never as before! Americans know to well the results of trying to live in a double standard society, one split by gender, race...!  What is your definition of “rising” and what is your definition of “falling”?

Have you ever seen somebody, anybody fight for NOTHING? What do they call people who start fights for nothing? Why would a man fight to keep his own self in slavery? There are “heroes and there are COWARDS”, what’s the difference? There are those who want and there are those who do not want, but we all want to live in the United States of America, how is this possible? And I am here to tell you I am “one” of those.

I go to bed fighting and I wake up fighting, and I do that so my family members may continue to enjoy the freedoms I do. I’m a firm believer in these freedoms for which my folk sacrificed themselves, so I may enjoy, so why would I give up fighting, denying my future? I know there is a better way to a better future and I know exactly how and what's needed to get there and it ain't no more bullshit. I fully understand that those of us who do, carry those of us who do not. So those who enjoy the right to "do not" know it is all because of those of us who "do".

On a daily basis, I experience and see how misguided, misinformed, confused my fellow Americans are in order to make it through their day. On who can you depend? So what is the solution to all of this, "not knowing, can't decide, what political affiliation, what religion, what church, what race, power, position..."? What's left? Who can do this for you if you don't for self?

No, I’m no big arrogant, greedy ass corporate exec tricking people into doing my dirty work, I’m just “the average JOE” and I enjoy being me, no matter what. So here’s the deal.

Those who want to be united fully understand the purpose of what all the hard work and bloodshed was for to make the United States of America what she is today, and it doesn’t take a formal education to understand this. They understand their ethical and moral sense of obligation to Family, Duty, Honor, Country; for the freedoms we all so eloquently enjoy and share. They understand the reason why young civilians darn military uniforms to go serve, defending our families, freedoms, future, duty, honor…, in the land of the free, home of the BRAVE. How do you become a BRAVE?

They fully understand freedom comes at a high price and with an even greater sense of responsibility to TRUTH. Truth, knowing it and telling it actually means something very important to them, you either “is or you ain’t”. Then, where is the middle ground and what does being on the middle ground mean to you?

They possess a clearer understanding about who our enemies are and who are our friends. They understand certain standards must be adhered to in order for this to happen for every single American citizen, nothing less or more. They understand that should we make unity a success for us, our families, our communities then we make unity a success for the world and all it takes is ONE. Isn’t that for what we’re all working?

They understand bringing self into awareness is one, just one more piece to the puzzle of bringing the world in to awareness. They understand there is great room for improvement even more than we would care to admit. And that it all starts at home with self.

Those who do not want , those who refused to abide by all these freedoms we enjoy at the cost of being united as fellow human beings in the United States of America, should not reside in the United States of America. Well then for what would our Armies be fighting, would it be in vain? What’s the use in putting your life on the line for something PHONY as a phony people? What use is there in getting out of bed early, staying late to ensure the job is done, if you do not understand or just don’t give a damn? You want quality yet you give less than?

 What good are you to any productive society if you do not want to help get the job done? Should the job be cronyism and corruption or should it be peace and harmony? Shouldn’t we all be working towards that end?

You want the job done but not willing to put forth the extra effort? You want it for whites but you do not want it for people of color, even though this land came from a people of color, what kind of shit is that? You want it for one but not for the other, isn’t that discrimination? You want it for males but not for  females? How can you achieve that goal? Haven’t we proven that this shit does more harm than good? Every fucking body wants to enjoy the freedoms for what they feel they’ve earned and do not embrace or want to share them with people who do NOTHING, no matter religious affiliation.

Do you honestly believe people get what they want by taking the advantage of and/or tricking other people, would you want that done to you? Or do you believe the best way to survive in the United States of America is by having standards by which we all can live...human rights? Would you want that done to you?

What if somebody tricked your dumb ass into being the only one on the front line? Would you surrender or would you fight till the death for the freedom of your family members, no matter the color, gender…? Is the United States of America just black and white folk or a composite of the whole, then why not act like that? Why act like you’re the only one? Why are you acting like the world revolves around “only you” and your desires to do nothing but take advantage of anyone less fortunate? Is there any honor, sense of duty and responsibility in doing that?   Would you want that for your family? What can you share? What can anyone learn from you? Is how to cheat a good thing to pass on? How can the world exist, how can the United States of American exist like she is today, without your ethical and moral contributions? Or are we actually living in the “Segregated States of America”?

We must be educated to discover and understand the human being within self to better understand it within every person, including self and that's your inner voice.

(((your inner

What If the truth be told

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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