What if we told the Truth

What if the truth be told?

This is a tough world in which we live and why do we make it so? Sometimes, I am even embarrassed of my work. I see it as being in vain and it "profits me not".

What if the truth be told? Why do we keep wanting more and easier when the more and easier we have is not only making us worse?

We keep making empty promises by creating stuff to make us better, but when we get it, we become sick as hell.

Technology, now we have better technology but who can afford it?

I know I am not going to earn a decent living because what I do is seen as taking money from the powers to be. They would not profit, if everyone did like me and told the truth as best they could.

So does telling the truth keep you broke and broken or will we prosper from our truth, more than lying?

What if we told the Truth?

Think about this shit! How excited we are about those material things for which we take credit for creating. They were all created with good intentions, so how do they get bad? The biggest culprit is the “gun”, which is a very useful tool when used properly, so just how does this very useful tool become our worse NIGTHMARE and how long has this been so? Why is it that the more we suggest gun control measures the more out of control guns become? Remember, guns are just one example of many, but you could easily do this same experiment with any other creation, for which we take credit in life, be it computers, autos, insurance, education, housing… The more of this convenient shit we get the worse we perform, so, what’s wrong with this people, in order to correct these blatant and flagrant violations to all mankind?

How do you teach your children to tell the truth when the truth will not sustain them in a corrupt society, why?

What does it profit me to point out such gross blunders and corruption? I think about slavery and what if no one had pointed out this matter? Even though this slavery matter is not corrected, the doors of opportunity have been opened. I just don’t, know how to best survive in such a corrupt society, without being corrupt myself. That is the only way I can teach openness and honesty.

 Every person says, “they want open and honesty, no drama, no games”, yet no man is willing to give, so how do you get this?

You can tell by the ones surrounding you what it took to get where you are.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!