Broken India encroach on America

Hindu to Christian, Poor East Indians encroach on America but why?

Hinduism to Christianity? Immigrate, Visitors, Guests to your home?You must ask from where do you come and what do you want?

I know not one person is better than the next, but do they know the same? What is their attitude? What is the Caste system?

How can a person from a country as broken as India immigrate to America and side against a people already here? Social, political and economic injustice.

How can someone from the poorest country in the world come to the richest country and be able to profit more than the indigenous people of this land? What makes them more productive than me?

No problem with East Indians coming but why can't this generosity be reciprocated? Where is the love, what do they offer? Where I visit East Indians elsewhere in the world, I do not find them anywhere near as snobby as they are in America.

How can you expect to freely come to my country take, take, take but never give - save money and send it to India? 

What kind of man would do that and on the backs of who? How is this helping?

The Caste system, a system where people are expected to interact with people of the same social class, how are East Indians practicing this in America? If it is not working in India, how do you expect it to work in America? Why should you expect Americans to welcome your presence?

What is it about Hinduism which would cause a man to turn to Christian ways to earn his living, yet call himself a Hindu? What happens when generosity is not reciprocated?

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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