income disparity, income inequality and wealth in America

Why is this even getting wider?

The government has passed many laws, intentionally and unintentionally, to further widen the income inequality gap. This facilitates the rich getter richer while the poor gets poorer.

Why doesn't the government do something to encourage corporate America to fix the widening gap between Corporate salaries, which are in the millions, compared to the average American which is in the thousands?

Reminds me of the mentality of those parents who feed the preachers before feeding their family.

What good does it do an economy when a few rich just get richer while the poor just gets poorer? What good is it to balance a budget? Don't you think corporate America wants to see fellow Americans live better?

I guess as long as you're only concerned about your own ass that's all that counts, then why act like?

(((your inner

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