A House you cannot maintain 

Building, owning or occupying a house you cannot maintain, where does that leave you? Why don't the ones who experienced this first tell you all about it?

The construction of our homes today have become increasingly elaborate, so much so they have grown beyond our abilities to maintain them, in every aspect of the word, especially affordability, why is that? Further, it has become totally acceptable to build and buy shit you cannot maintain? We're too comfortable "buying" shit we cannot afford - waste, fraud and abuse.

Dangling of the carrot, our lies are catching upto us. What animal builds a nest they cannot maintain and the crazy thing about this all is, you can occupy the abandoned houses we have? Would you please tell me how any of this kind of shit makes anything good and wholesome about our current lifestyles, state of affairs?

We even got the shit down so we can pass this kind of evil shit on via "wills". The more of this we do the worse our land and resource management, but we keep coming up with more sophisticated schemes to cover our last boo boo. This has happened for so long, now the evil shit seems normal. It's normal to ignore your neighbor and the reverse; but it's okay to fuck them. Like I say, it is not you but the companies for which you work who puts profits above quality.

Our systems are changing so fast even the "supposedly experts" can't keep up with it. So what good is an economy like that? For as long as we've had cars, air conditioning and heating..., looks like every person would know how to make general repairs. Then, why do we have schools? Remember when you were expected to maintain your purchases? Now, you say, "what the hell"?

NOw, fake shit and less quality is more prominent than real shit. Something so simple as a bike, which use to last forever, falls apart within weeks and there's no repair. The parts are outdated. Why do we do this kind of stupid shit to our future generation? You can't even be confident in the purchase of a new bike. Who in the hell cares why, it just is. Furniture made to throw away, not pass on?

The good shit for which we used to strive is now a thing of the past, yet we act like we still care. Yet we act like it not? What is that? Why do I bring all this shit to your attention is for the same reasons you bring all that bullshit to my attention. The idea being to promote or is it to cut "all" the bullshit.

Is it the predator prey syndrome, then why do you teach me we're all equal, civil rights, women rights, human beings, American citizens deserving of all the rights bullshit ... Why can't we just live and learn what's real and be done? 

Why do we say we're cutting back while we're still creating? How do you teach helping while you're hurting?  Which would you rather have and do you have a choice? How is that creativity and innovation and what good are those kind of things to us?

Do you want to overthrow the government or just inspire people live better?

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YOUR inner voice

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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