NOT serious, any more

Insider tips, what good does it do to play games you can never win?

What good does it do me to be an equal opportunity employer when I and everybody else knows I'm not? How can that shit be? How can I think I'm going to heaven by inflating everything? Isn't inflating a story the same as lying?

What about the price of gas, how can it be stable, changing everyday? What does that say about your fuel driven, high tech economy? How can you be a number one world power and you can't even trust the Pope. And if you hate your leader, your President, then you already know. How do you elect a man, then double cross him in every way? How is that democracy, while we tell every other country to listen to their leaders, their President?

How can we police the world being more fucked up than they are? How do you win the war on stupidity, why would you want to do that? Why 12 years and no job? How long do you expect that to last?

Why do you create all these overpriced ass automobiles, primarily to go to work, just to go to fucking work, when we could have stayed home and done much better? The automobile kills well more things than it saves or will save?

Why do we need to work to create more debt, so we can work harder and longer doing shit to destroy everything around us? Why would you "want to work" for what is already available to you for free? Climbing a telephone pole to tell a lie rather than stand flat footed on the ground and tell the truth, why? Is that our nature, is it natural, how can we prosper with that attitude?

Why train your future to destroy themselves by taking advantage of one another -childhood obesity? If it's not working now, how, why will it work then?

Insanity defined

How can you play to win while doing all the things to lose? Why have rules you do not or cannot follow? How can you fault somebody else for not following them? What about a man's word being his bond?

1.     How do you find yourself? Why do you, how do you forcibly put an end to, prevent the developing action, your true expression of your own feelings, ideas, impulse... Why do you restrain them?


I had a few people I really wanted to kill or see dead, but I restrained myself? So, that kind of restraining is easy to figure out why, but to restrain what is good and wholesome to you, your family, friends, future... I see so many talented people living less than they deserve.

They say our society recognizes and employs based upon our talents, gifts, then, what’s going on with Jennifer Lawrence’s pants and things like the incredible top 15 cliff dives and divers? How do these really incredibly talented people, they're not famous, no money, not socially accepted, do the most important jobs, for the least amount of money. How can the less you do earn you more? Why do we teach the more you do, the better off you are, knowing it's not so?

They pick up your garbage, clean our state of the art facilities, they’ve contributed nothing to global warming. They never started a war, had a sex scandal, never frauded our government, would that be a traitor...

These people are heroes everyday because they do what you refuse to. You only ant to work with a machine, but these people work with their bare hands. They’re loyal and dedicated to the ideas of a stronger America and know that in order for us to reach that goal, we must help each other. They can't afford to build their own houses any more because they're too busy doing your work and when they get paid they must pay your rent first? Why does any American need to pay rent or a mortgage of any kind? What his option, where? This land is your land this land is my land bullshit? 

They’re not computer savvy, but they keep all we do running. When we need them, they’re always there, you can depend on that-soldiers? Now, what about you? What good does it do, what kind of writer am I, if I can’t help somebody?

What’s wrong with the world today? What’s right with the world today? Does the good outweigh the bad? Are we more good or bad, are we getting better or worse? What should we do or should we just keep doing the same old shit? I’m dead serious?

How does a country get to where we are today? Was it because of the way we came about? Do we really take care of our Veterans, Seniors, less fortunate or do we just say we do? Why do you force and charge a poor man to attend mandatory education only to teach him how to fail? How can he live if he does not pass?

Well, if he passed why the influx of immigrant workers? Why the "go back to school"? How did we lose the skills that got us to today? Are our homes really better or built to appease to your greed and desire to profit? Are you working to work or working to live? 

HOw will you treat these workers and do they care? Do you care? Are demographics a qualifying matter? Why can't you just be an American deserving all the liberties and freedoms...? How can you, a country do that to yourself? Why would your so called women have to fight for their rights? Why didn't they have rights? Was that true or false, right or wrong?

If the mother of our children doesn't have rights, what does that say about our children? Why is there a need for child labor laws and now no employment? Is this the result of leaving our homes and going to your good jobs?

We're always here, but you cannot be depended upon, what kind of mater is that? Games you can never win?

Do you admit your own, are we taught to admit our own shortcomings?  How can that be truthful? How can you be telling the truth and I’m lying? How can that  be United We Stand? Do you honestly believe “divided we fall”? How can we be winning anything and at the same time losing everything? What about a financial and economic crisis, depression? Are all these depressions the same? Are you too depressed to admit that?

I’m going to tell you a little story that's going to perk you right up.  

I have an unquenchable thirst for enlightenment. I'm new to this community, but I'm not new to the ideals of this lifestyle.

I love to read and write and play with new concepts. I love to learn about what makes others tick, discovering how I can help and in the process I discover more about myself. I'm creative and passionate about life and work to live the absolute best life I can and it does include a bunch of stupid bullshit? Lord, please help me to escape all the stupid bullshit people do. I hope to avoid  you like the plague.

I am kept by one and I keep one for myself, and will not be entertaining any more bullshit? Is it bullshit to hate, never pay attention, help my neighbor. If I don’t keep but one, please let it be this one, because I too want to be helped. SHe is my Guardian and my Mentor and my soul depends on Them. Not just with my body but with all my soul. Is that what Basketball, sports are all about?

I have great latitude to discover my passions and exercise my curiosities. I am trusted me not to harm anybody, to keep from harming myself? If I harm an evil banker, greedy politician, pimping pope, entertain stupid ideas.... I’m dishonoring myself and whatever the hell I’m doing cannot turn out right.

How can I be honest, duty, honor, country when I know It's not acceptable? No games, when around every corner, like speed traps, is another game? Now, how do we know the difference between games and reality?


Is it real to pay to drive around shopping everywhere, can't get a better deal at home and saying we can? Is it easier to grow your own food or to have someone else do it?  How does that make you and your family better or is it more bullshit? A man too lazy to grow his own food, saying it's cheaper and more beneficial to have someone else do it? Now, look at the price of food and everything else? Like saying it is cheaper to steal than make an honest living, damn? Is that why crime is increasing at an alarming rate crime rate? No food, no shelter, clothing, transportation, money...what happens to the value system? 

How can I be half right and half wrong, yet expecting to be right by denying my wrong? Is that how our leaders portray themselves? Is that why we have so many disorders? Is that how we justify two in one?

My work is all so at the end of the day, I am good, not part good  because I hate race, gender, rap music. Think about that shit,,, why would I say I hate any music? What’s the difference between rap music and the bullshit English you speak, the lies you tell?

What kind of word is FUCK? Who came up with that meaning and now, why are you so offended by a simple word?

Fuck you is the same? How do we go from being good old honest, hard working Americans to being overwhelmed with cronyism and corruption? Are you apart of this mess? How can a whole country be wrong, everybody going along with it like it's right and no one admit it? The what will you tell? What is your news?

Who can you trust and depend upon? Don’t you get tired of people saying. “please don’t play games with me”? Don’t you get tired of installing updating and being cheated by security companies installing, activating sophisticated security systems to protect you from your own self? Who's committing all these crimes? More and more sophisticated security systems and cameras on homes, offices, cars, stores, intersections... verses more incentives to be good? Is that any indication of how much you are not to be trusted? How much more can we lock ourselves out before discovering the real you?

I mean think about that??? You’re locking/securing yourself from your neighbor,,, now, what do you think your neighbor is doing, why? HOw can that get you somewhere? Is that freedom or fear? You don't steal, you work for the companies that steal! Where does the stupid shit stop?

How can a true story be false or a false story true? How can ignoring or abusing your neighbor be helping your neighbor? How can failing to help your neighbor unite "anything"? Global Warming?

I am a natural exhibitionist; but my true desire is not the attention it requires but the passions it inspires. I long to be a spark among many that inspires the fire of passion in others. I want to set the world on fire by encouraging others to find their spark. For what is the use of drawing attention to yourself if you don't have something useful to share.

What I hope to gain most from this site is the ability to connect with friends of like minds, who I can share my thoughts and ideas with. Individuals who will help me develop my self and inspire me to stretch myself. Friends that I feel safe enough to share this side of myself without fear of judgment. A fire needs oxygen, what about you?

(((your inner

It's not Just about Paula

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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