Business Minded People

Are you thinking?

You know how we think we really have it going on? Our abilities to dress up, acquire fancy cars, houses, clothes, travel, education, religion, jobs…? Extravagant, all those freedoms we say/think we enjoy, yet we suffer like hell for the basics and neither one of us can depend on the other.

How is your business building? Is there a need for much better businesses? We’re constantly lying to each other about the way things really are, yet we claim to be and want “open, honest relationships”? How can that be?

The problem with that all is “we’re not business minded”. How can another man persuade you into the thought process of “he can manage your monies better than you”? Is that why we have so little of that and the little we have is erroneously spent?

Your inner voice is all about family. And business ideas and principles come from your families. How do you grow a healthy business without proper family skills? Business is about the ability to best provide for your family. How do you grow a healthy business without healthy family building skills?

How do you compete on the world market with nothing for sale? Our major claim to success is entertainment. If you want to see a “fool” then upon which people do you call in America? Everything we do is not taken serious. It’s either all comical or everybody has an opinion while everything “they do” we consider gospel. See Entitled to my Opinion

Poor is a word that means poor in spirit. We win all the sporting events yet we have no milk nor honey? We can sing beautiful songs, produce excellent arts and crafts, yet we have neither milk nor honey?

Where is the milk and honey? Where are our productive citizens? A friend of mine just purchased a new John Deere lawn and garden tractor. After which, she struck a deal with her adult Grandson to maintain the yard and he was quite eager to oblige. Now, before this purchase the Grandson used their push mower to cut the yard. After being promoted to the new John Deere rider and while cutting for the first time, the Grandson encountered a maintenance problem with the new riding mower. Now, what decision do you think he made after the riding mower failed? Did he finish the job?

No!!! he did not! My point here being “Where is our business mind”? We act like we want jobs, at least, the money we get from having them, but when we do get one, we take it for granted. Do you realize this is how we're training our children and how to treat their seniors?

Now that same young man will go out into the employment world and break his neck trying to do the impossible for much less than what he’s getting from his Grandma. This is just one example, but their completing applications everyday for employment. Did you say it all starts at home?

Why wouldn't he fall back on his old standby, the old push mower to finish the job? Why do you expect someone else to teach our children what we refuse to teach them? Where is your business mind and are you  using it? That is our future.

Good business minded families make good business minded people. Instead of extragant, which one of us is the most effective and efficient? Isn't that who you say you want working? Human rights!

(((your inner

Hard Work?

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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