Entitled to my Opinion

Is it my opinion or your opinion? What happens when opinions bump heads?

Whoever first says, "I'm entitled to my opinion", "my opinion counts" has shut the other out. Them used to be "fighting words".

Would you like my opinion? People have a habit of saying that when all else fails and no one wants to listen to them. Then why don’t you just shut up?

Did you know opinions piss people off, especially when you start by saying, “I am entitled to my opinion”? If you felt you were being heard, you would not offer your opinion. Ever been in a meeting or situation when someone said, “Everybody is entitled to their opinions”. That's how fights get started! If you sat down and listed to all those opinions you would never get anything done.

So my opinion counts and you think it should! Opinions are like assholes, everyone has them, including that piece of chicken you are eating or vegetable you broke off.

Well, you may be entitled to it, but just as well, know people are equally entitled not to listen. That proves my point, you are not entitled to NOTHING. That proves your entitlement does not mean, people must listen, so why even go that route?

What good is being entitled to something you don’t have? You have the right to remain silent, until someone forces your ass to talk.

No you are not, never have been and never will be entitled to your opinion. You can think you are but Only upto the point you can Make others listen. Keyword!

Your opinion does you no good. Did your parents raise you up asking your opinion? When it comes to important decisions in your town, do they ever ask your opinion? What about school or anywhere? Your own kids wouldn't listen to you if you did not raise them that way.

So what good is an opinion? Do you take everyone’s opinion? Do you even obey your own opinion? If you did, it would not be your opinion. What good is an opinion when nobody is willing to listen to it? The more you stir in shit the worse it smells.

I feel I am entitled to lots of stuff but what does that mean? If

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Prosper together.

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