Can Women Leaders Make the World More Peaceful?

Is peace the same as social justice?

Yes, but not a White American woman!

Do you know, do you realize how many chances a White American woman has had to help make things right in America, much less the world? Instead of making them better, they chose to help them more chaotic, more violent, more abusive.

What did they do during the Indian wars? What did they do during slavery...??? What did they do during the bombings at Tulsa, Oklahoma? What did they do at Rosewood? What did they do during the Holocaust in America? White American women have only sided with their evil ass spouses, partners in the execution of the world's greatest atrocities.

Historically speaking, White American Women are the absolute most vile creatures to walk the face of this earth, a disgrace to the humanity,  the human spirit, a psychological mess. All they do is parade around half naked with sunglasses, a dog and a pooper scooper, boasting to the world about how free they are in America, which could be nothing further from truth. Do not you think they could have done much much more to discourage inhumane treatment of human beings and to promote social justice in America, when they are struggling for the same themselves? How is this treating someone the way you want to be treated? NOOO, these bitches encouraged their evil ass spouses in carrying out inhumane treatment against all American inhabitants, indigenous and otherwise. White American women are the smoking gun, that never fired a shot, never took responsibility, threw rocks and hid their hands, have no remorse,,,, yet portray themselves as helpless little damsels in distress. Do you think they give a shit about a Black man being killed,,, nooo, they probably wish more were dead, especially them rappers. Do you think they give a shit about the indigenous people of this country? Do you think they give a shit about America? They only give a shit about them, now tell me how this is going to help bring world peace?

Do you realize how many innocent niggers have been jailed, killed due to the lies some psychotic white American woman told to her power struck dominant white male partner? Do you know how many opportunities White American women have had to help dissolve disputes and make a more peaceful world between Black and White Americans? 

And how stupid Black Americans are, they are going to vote one in office. How soon we forget, forgive someone who does not forget and forgive us? Do White American women support anything Black other than MLK? Ask the likes of Emmett Till.

Do not you think White American women could have already done much, much more to help change this male dominated society and to enact social justice,,, nooo, only if it benefits them. NOOO, they are the reason behind all this violence and abuse bullshit. Do you not think elite  White American women support private schools that support gross racism? What kind of school did Hillary attend? Were there many Blacks or Native Americans in attendance?

During segregation public schools were just fine, we were over there and they over here... but afterwards... the quality of education was compromised and the whole idea being to keep White American Women/girls from seeing Black men or young Black men as fellow human beings. Otherwise, why is a private school considered better education than a public school when they serve the same public? Why lynching laws which executed Black men for raping white women, but not for raping Black women?

What do White American women do for social justice? White American women have too much blood on their hands to change any damn thing for the good. If they really wanted to change anything for the better, or could make a more peaceful society/world, they have had ample opportunities and failed miserably at them "all".

White American women are only going to make economies worse, just like they refuse to raise their own children, even if Barack Obama recommends them.

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YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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