Rosewood Massacre

Have you heard of Rosewood, the town in Florida? Does the name ring a bell? Did you see the movie?

A friend of mine, visiting from Great Britian, shared with me accounts of the Rosewood massacre.

May 4, 2004 historical marker placed.

The Legislature, Gov. Lawton Chiles signed into law the compensation bill for survivors of the 1923 Rosewood massacre and their descendants.

$2.1 million, the state’s way of apologizing for this “blind act of bigotry.” Up to $150,000 for each survivor, plus $500,000 for a scholarship program.

Racially motivated violence decimated the town.

This marker will insure “The tragedy of Rosewood will be remembered, not repeated.”--Former Governor Jeb Bush

“My father knew there was trouble coming and he got us out of here. This was a good life here in Rosewood. I could walk the woods all by myself and we had a good school. I could already read and write real well before we left.” ” --Robie A. Mortin

Researchers determined a white woman accused a black man of assaulting her, setting off a week of violence by white men against a predominantly black town.

The town, consisting of approx. 100 residents, was burned to the ground. When it was over, two whites, five blacks’ dead and one building left standing.

The incident was whispered about until the 1980s.

Calls for help went unheeded during the violent uprising, which included the sheriff.

“Paying any claims would set off an expensive precedent.”-- Some lawmakers

“If there is one thing I could say to the victims, it would be that they did not die in vain,” --Edrica Hawkins

“Scarred forever by Rosewood and a lifetime adjusting to a history I did not create.”-- Lizzie Jenkins



    Rosewood is a shining example of how Americans perceive and react to Africans in America:

  • Owning and operating their own business, in their own town.
  • An indication of what could happen should Africans achieve financial independence in America .
  • How much hatred and prejudice exist in America towards Africans.
  • How long it takes for reimbursement and some sense of reconciliation, 1923-2004.
  • Emphasis and regard for the safety and security of Africans living in America, a country Africans so willing defend.

Accusation: African male assault and rape whorish white woman.

Truth: A white man assaulted and raped the whorish, unfaithful white woman.

It wasn't the fact of an assault or rape, but taking advantage of an opportunity for whites to express hatred towards Africans in America. Knowing, what kind of woman she was, white men refused to believe, took the law in their own hands and violently retaliated against African eye witnesses and residents, while the rest of America stood idly by.

Nobody prosecuted for death and destruction of people and property.

(((your inner


The Real Rosewood

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