Can YOu D.?

Do you like a good challenge? Are there more things in life you really want to do? My life was so messed up I was concerned if it was because I wasn't delivering. I must not be doing nothing.

We ask a lot of things of ourselves and others... but the bottom line is... Around by what kind of people do you want to be surrounded?

Who are you trying to please, presentable? What is presentable, whose eyes? Why is that we always have to look at what "they" made for us?

How can I cause you to get up off your duff,,, go over to your love one(s) and share a good time. What would happen if you spoiled them?

Is it between you and God? It would be better to bite the hand that feeds you and that ain't never no good.

Ever had anybody you wanted to spoil, what happened? Spoil means no good for human consumption. I really wanted to spoil my mom, just as I felt she'd done for me. Anyway, I just wanted to give back the love and affection I felt from her.

Now, if that is not your case, then something is seriously wrong. Some of us and more than we care to mention just missed the boat for one reason or another.

How can you give what you don't know you have? The higher you are the more inhibitions to stay there. Is that why we're not so eager, excited, looking forward to seeing one another anymore? So, if I spoiled you is that what I could expect?

Anyway, your question is Can U Deliver? Can I deliver? Do your risks exceed your reward? Why do people treat each other the way they do, especially those close to you? We ask a lot of our Gods, but do you really need that to do what you already know? Do you really need reminding, daily? If you feel you need that, then something is double wrong.

When delivery is reciprocated, it's natural. It is a natural process for us to give, but taught otherwise and there goes balance.

If delivering is what you want in return, if delivering is what you want from your friends, lovers... What can you deliver? Does your ability to deliver depend on me? Why not start delivering? Challenge me? Show'em! If I didn't do what i do, then you wouldn't do what you do.

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!
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